Setting the highest standards, at Royvon we’re committed to providing success to all dog owners. We make sure that their relationship with their dogs is prioritized in all phases of training. With our 21-day residential dog training or in-house boarding and training program, we not only teach your dog the basic skills, but also help you through the most challenging parts of puppyhood and adolescence. The duration of the stay is sufficient for our trainers to ensure a lasting change. So, they will improve your dog’s behaviour! Stay, board and train, also known as residential dog training, is recommended for all dogs with busy dog parents that want the best for their pets.

Our residential dog training program covers so many problematic behavioural issues like hyperactivity, excessive barking, destructive chewing, aggression, play biting, leash pulling, and much more. We’ve realized that nothing sets you up for success than a well-trained dog.

Your beautiful puppy, with time, may soon become unmanageable during walks or trips to the dog park. Training your new furry best friend takes up a lot of time and energy! It also requires so much patience! Our residential dog training or doggy boot camp program allows for in-house boarding, superb 24/7 care, and reward-based, kind training.

Thinking of Going Away?

Our professional pet boarding with training package is perfect for a pet vacay while you’re away on holiday too. Most importantly, dogs love it here! Practice makes perfect. We combine it all- play, training, adequate exercise, and 24/7 optimal care!

This is a package that is extremely popular among working dog owners, and busy parents with limited free time. If you’re over here on holiday, house hunting, or studying, our boarding, in-house residential dog training program will be beneficial to your needs. We help thousands of dog owners across the UK and Europe. So, whether you’re renovating, moving house, travelling, or on holiday, we’re here to help you and your furry best friend.

The Benefits of Residential Dog Training

We see millions of dogs at shelters worldwide today. Unfortunately, many spend their lives depressed! What’s tragic is that with a bit of effort and training, all of these dogs could have been trained from day one. For many, it may be frustrating teaching your dog how to behave. At Royvon, we’re passionate about what we do. It’s our job to teach your dog how to behave in all situations, all the while listening in new environments, and at home.

We do this with our residential dog training course where your furry best friend won’t be distracted like they may be at home with children running around, other pets, guests, and family members. This high-level reward-based training cannot be achieved with regular 1-2-1 dog training classes. We also teach dog owners how to maintain these high-levels of training throughout a dog’s lifetime.

We understand that untrained dogs can destroy a home, unattended pups or adolescent dogs may be boisterous and jump up on guests. We’ve worked with numerous families to help them with our unique in-house training and boarding program.

We never use dominance or harsh, physical methods to change behaviours. Your dog deserves the best dog training without intimidation, and without being scared. Whatever the issue with your dog, we focus on training your dog to his or her full potential throughout their stay with us.

Who Does Residential Dog Training Work For?

All dogs learn best with consistency! Frequent and repetitive reward-based training classes shape behaviour and offer optimal results. That said, you cannot expect your dog to behave perfectly after a few training classes. It doesn’t take a week or two weeks to train your dog.

Dogs need to internalize a skill, and need primary training classes that simulate real-life situations. This could include being around guests, during a holiday, a car ride, and more. During your dog’s stay at our residential dog training facility, we work through issues like separation anxiety, food aggression, fearfulness, lead reactivity, and more.

So, if you’re a busy dog owner with a hectic work or travel schedule, parents to young children, or have a medical condition, and just don’t have the time for consistent dog training classes, our residential or in-house dog training package will work for you and your dog. Your dog will be cared for in a safe and secure environment, and trained by accredited and professional dog trainers. So by the time you get back, you’ll enjoy a well-trained dog.

Who We Are

We have been training dogs and helping dog owners work together with their dogs since 1959. Our expertise in positive dog training and boarding is unrivalled in the UK. We don’t just work with dogs that have training or behavioural issues. We also work with puppies to prevent problem behaviours later on. Our team of specialized dog trainers are qualified and experienced and offer a range of highly successful residential dog training package options for dog owners.

Our dog training methodology embraces the latest dog training methods. This helps both dog owner and pooch live a happy and well-balanced life. Today, dog owners are opting for up-to-date training solutions that achieve their goals via specific residential training programs to eliminate undesirable behaviours with kind and reward-based training methods. With us, you can achieve your dreams with a series of progressive dog training sessions that both of you can work on together.

Our Facilities

Located next to our dog boarding facilities, our residential dog training facilities are conveniently located to provide intensive dog training classes. Our residential dog training classes offer a safe learning environment together with positive dog training experiences based on handler trust and rewards. Here, your dog will be able to focus, get trained, get cared for, and have his very own pet vacay.

Here’s What We Do for You

We offer stress-free and safe pet accommodation with our residential dog training classes. That said, we monitor all dogs very closely within the first 72 hours. This ensures that your dog settles down and is not stressed out. If on a rare occasion, your dog is having difficulties, we’ll contact you immediately. You’ll also be able to share our Facebook daily posts and weekly videos.

If you’re strapped for time, have a new puppy or have recently adopted a new furry best friend, we’re here to help you! We train your dog while he or she boards with us. Depending on your dog’s requirements, we’ll dedicate a few hours of reward-based training each day. This ensures your dog has a good handle on all fundamental skills that all dogs should know. While your dog boards with us, we’ll take care of them 24/7. We will play, exercise, feed, and train them in a distraction-free environment. All the while, you’ll receive regular updates.

Working with your dog

In addition to comfortable and safe accommodation, we offer a complimentary taster. Your dog will undergo a behaviour assessment to determine the best course of action. We’ll also introduce you to our unique method for a small fee. You’ll get a tour of the facility where we can answer any questions, and see whether your dog would benefit from our residential dog training classes.

While positive on-site dog training classes can be enjoyed by both dog and owner, residential dog training for dogs allows for dynamic collaboration between dog and handler, allowing for consistency and expert daily dog training classes with plenty of focus and one-on-one attention. The stay will last for 21-days, depending on the number of behavioural changes needed.

A dog’s behaviour is influenced by many factors which include their environment, genetics, health, nutrition, training and play. Our residential dog training program teaches you how to engage with your dog, and have fun at the same time while practising to work with your dog in a positive reward-based manner.

We build both your confidence and your furry best friend’s with our commitment, passion and dedication. This allows both of you to be able to travel anywhere comfortably.

Dog Owner Training

Dog parents can benefit immensely by working with a fully trained dog, rather than a dog that has not been trained. Owner dog training takes place on a weekly basis for up to 3 months, after the initial 21 –day stay. If you happen to be a dog owner to a senior dog, more training classes may be required to eliminate bad habits that have developed over the years.

Owners of younger dogs will require less owner training. We create training setups that help your dog progress from training to real-world situations in a positive way! Your family member will be safe and happy and enjoy lots of attention in the residential dog training program. We are dog lovers, and have made dog training and care our professional commitment.

By choosing our residential dog training, you’re opting for the very best in pet care and training with boarding, training, and daycare all in one place. Working with a skilled and experienced dog trainer while boarding at one of our pet hotels allows for progressive and repetitive learning in a safe learning environment that is beneficial to learning. With residential dog training, the end-goal can be broken down into small training steps during which your dog will be motivated to learn.

Additionally, our in-house with boarding and dog training course has been designed to tackle common issues facing dogs and dog owners from puppyhood to adulthood. Our goal is to effectively establish positive dog behaviours to allow for a well-behaved dog in all environments. This includes the home, dog park, holiday, and more! Our residential Dog Training course provides foundational dog training skills that can be improved upon at home and with ongoing 1-2-1 dog training classes.

Opt from a range of positive dog training packages to suit your work/travel schedule and dog training needs:

Residential dog training package- onsite boarding with training that last for 4 months. 21 days residential training, which entails 3 months and one week of owner training. On drop off, dog owners will have a consultation with their trainers where both will agree on goals. Owner training is 2-hours on completion, and then continues with weekly sessions near our facilities in local parks.

. 1-2-1 Dog Training offered 7-days per week which can be added to boarding package

. Puppy training with just the right support for your puppy

. Day School productive learning through play, praise, and reward.

. Puppy training with just the right support for your puppy

. Day School productive learning through play, praise, and reward.

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