Thanasis is our newest trainer here at Royvon Esher, joining us in July 2020. He’s a life-long dog owner and lover, starting with a Belgian Groenendael named Arkos when he was just nine years old! Then, he was inspired to get into dog training by his Cane Corso Bruno who he trained himself.

He started his dog training journey when he was 26, attending a two-year-long dog training seminar and then working at a local dog club in Greece. From there he got into competitive dog sports (especially IPO), and started doing a lot of work as a decoy in protection and guard dog training.

Furthermore, Thanasis has attended a wide range of courses and seminars focusing on high-level obedience, bite work, and tracking training. Recently, he moved to London to join us at Royvon and focus on his passion for training dogs.

He loves working with dogs to find their inner drive, then clearly marking their good behaviour with a clicker which motivates them to want to do more good work!

He lives and works on-site at Royvon Esher and is a very committed member of the team. And, he especially enjoys working with German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and other working breeds, as well as working with dogs and owners interested in IPO and protection work training.

Outside of work, Thanasis enjoys working with his own dog, Belgian Malinois Erin, in dog sports. We are very happy that he has joined us as he’s excellent at bringing the best out in dogs and is very committed to his work!

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