If the idea of residential dog training makes you uneasy, then know you aren’t alone. Many people have reservations, for any number of reasons, about committing their canine to this type of training. Indeed, who’s to say those worries aren’t justified?

Except, here at Royvon we want to reassure you that our methods, facilities, and trainers are second to none. From our years of experience, we know that this type of training can be the answer to your dog training problems, especially if you’re encountering behavioural issues such as anxiety and aggression with your dog.

To help you understand how Royvon can meet all your dog’s needs, let’s look at some of the most common concerns about residential training. We will then help to put your mind at rest, and explain how you don’t need to be worried, and that this type of training could actually be a great idea for you and your dog!

#1: Residential Dog Training Doesn’t Work

There is quite a common perception among dog owners that they always need to be present during training, in order for their dog to respond to them in the correct manner. Actually, this is far from the case, and training away from the owner can do wonderful things for the dog!

In fact, there’s a danger that an inexperienced owner can actually teach a dog bad habits rather than good when they are training them. Not knowing exactly how to act when faced with unexpected behaviour means a dog can easily pick up the wrong message. Soon, this becomes ingrained in their training habits and it becomes harder and harder to correct down the line, especially without professional assistance!

It’s far better for a novice dog owner to work with a trained dog than an untrained one. So, working with an experienced trainer to get the basics can actually do the world of good on your training journey! Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be involved, because your commitment and owner training is essential, but the dog is going to be happier when they already know the right way to respond to you and your commands.

However, we know that this also raises the fear held by some pet parents that the dog will behave paw-fectly for the trainer but not for them. Royvon understands that if we sent a dog home without supporting the owner, then things could turn out badly in this way. To avoid exactly this, we use a technique perfected over the 50 years we’ve offered residential dog training. (To see how effective this is, why not check out our hundreds of five star reviews from happy customers who have had their dog trained with us!)

During and after their dog’s residential stay, we support owners with in-depth how-to videos, one-to-one sessions on completion of the course, and three months of unlimited support afterwards so that they have the confidence to become intermediate or even advanced trainers with their dog! If you’re a first time dog owner, or simply want to gain more training experience, this is a great option for you, because the focus is on your learning and knowledge as well as your dog’s, to help you develop a happy partnership and trusting relationship!

Dog training

#2: Residential Dog Training is Too Expensive

There’s no denying that a residential stay isn’t cheap, but it does offer outstanding value for money. For a young dog, this can make a lifetime of difference and mean you have the happy, relaxed relationship with your pooch you always dreamed of.

An average program costs around £1,000 (prices vary), but consider how much you’d spend on veterinary treatment if the dog failed to recall, ran into the path of an oncoming car, and fractured a leg? This may sound quite extreme, but it is unfortunately an all too common experience that can be heartbreaking for dog owners. In addition, Royvon is pleased to offer a payment plan, to split the cost and make a residential stay more accessible. You should look at your dog’s training as an investment, to ensure that they live a happy and long life, and that your life as their owner is made easier by having a dog that is a well behaved and loving member of the family!

#3: I Feel Guilty about Sending my Dog Away

Anyone who cares enough to correct their dog’s bad behaviour is, of course, going to feel guilty about not having them at home. This is only natural. However, be reassured that your dog will be too busy having fun to feel homesick!

Royvon only employs people who love dogs and are motivated to go the extra mile to make them happy. We work as a team and look at our dogs as guests. Indeed, we have an unusually high staff to dog ratio, so we can give each dog the individual attention they deserve throughout their stay with us. And, this doesn’t just mean their training. We are also on hand to give them plenty of love and cuddles, like they would get at home!

In addition, we offer a range of accommodation types to suit each individual. Plus, we care for the dog’s physical and emotional needs during their stay, so they have a ball. But, we know that whatever we do, you will still miss your four-legged family member! So, we regularly upload photos and videos of the dogs in our care to our Facebook page, so you can see for yourself how they’re getting on and just how much fun they’re having!

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#4: I Don’t Know What Happens Behind Closed Doors

Royvon believes in being open and honest with all of our customers, and we are proud to only use positive reward-based training methods. Our ethos is about finding what makes your dog happy and then use this as motivation to encourage good behaviour.

Using positive reinforcement through rewards develops the dog’s self-confidence and teaches them to make the right decisions, rather than learning by rote or through fear. You’ll find proof of this in your dog’s waggy tail and eager demeanour when it comes to training in future! Using positive training methods also helps you and your dog to develop that all-important relationship based on trust, that makes training far easier and more fun for years to come!

Residential Training video

Find out more about our residential training option with this handy video!

So if you’ve previously decided against residential training, isn’t it time you reassessed this option and spoke to the experts at Royvon? We would love to hear from you and discuss your individual needs! We work to produce a unique programme for each and every one of our guests, to help them get the most out of our residential programme and develop into the dog of your dreams. Simply visit our website to find out more, or get in touch today to discuss our different options.