Dog Boarding FAQs

We know that owning a dog can be hard work! But, we all want our dogs to be happy and healthy. Above all, we love them like they’re a member of the family.

Dog Boarding FAQs

We know that owning a dog can be hard work! But, we all want our dogs to be happy and healthy. Above all, we love them like they’re a member of the family.

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How long can my dog board with Royvon?

We can accommodate dogs for any length of time, from one night upwards. For longer stays, we are happy to discuss options over the phone as our experience is often useful before you put in a reservation request. You can book a call via My Account. We can also help to advise on a suitable mix of enrichment sessions over their stay, taking into account your dog’s age, health and personality.

Are your trainers first-aid trained?

All of our care team are first-aid trained so you can be rest assured that your dog is in safe hands. In case of an emergency, we also have strong relationships with local vets that can be contacted 24 hours a day.

My dog is aggressive, can they board at Royvon?

We are able to cater for aggressive dogs at Royvon and have extensive experience with all personalities. There may be some limitations as to which enrichment options are available for stimulation to take care of the safety of your dog, other dogs staying with us and our staff. In most cases, it is a requirement to meet your dog in a complimentary evaluation session, bookable through ‘My Account’ on the website.

My dog is anxious, can they board at Royvon?

We are primarily a dog training school and our signature programme is called our Behaviour Modification Programme which is based around fear and/or reactivity. Our staff are very experienced in supporting dogs like yours and know how / what they need at any given time.

We are used to looking after dogs that are anxious but their suitability for boarding cannot be assumed. We strongly suggest a complimentary evaluation, bookable through My Account. This may be followed by an overnight stay before booking a longer stay to help them to get used to Royvon. We love dogs and won’t let a dog be unhappy in our care without alerting you to the issue and working together to rectify it.

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Where will my dog be during the day?

Your boarding booking includes an indoor and outdoor area for your dog. The outdoor area is open during the day and they can go inside and outside as they wish. Our boarding is fully customisable and designed to allow you to build a day programme that suits your dog. Options include play time, training, one-to-one walks, games, baths and more. By registering for an account you can build a full programme and adapt it to find the blend that suits your dog and your budget.

Where will my dog be at night?

Your dog will stay indoors at night in our dog hotel-style accommodation. They will have their own room to sleep in which is kept warm. Our care team are on hand 24/7 so there is always someone around if your dog gets restless in the night or needs some extra affection.

Where are your dog hotels?

Our dog hotels are at our Royvon sites in Esher, Surrey and Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. In peak periods when one site is at full capacity, we may be able to offer a shuttle service to the other site with drop-off and collection from your closest site. Please enquire for details if there is no availability for the dates you require.

How do I make a dog boarding enquiry or reservation?

The easiest way to make a reservation with us is via  My Account . If you’re already registered simply log in and make a reservation, if you’re not registered with us, you’ll need to register first.

Once you have registered you are able to do the following:-

  • Check availability
  • Request reservations
  • View all your information regarding future and past reservations
  • View estimates for future reservations
  • View invoices for past reservations
  • Etc
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If you are not ready to register but would like to enquire about our dog boarding services, then please fill out this form, call us on 0208 818 7374 or email [email protected].

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Do I need to bring food for my dog?

We want to help your dog to feel comfortable, safe and settled at Royvon as quickly as possible. Food is a core part of continuity for your dog, both mentally and physically.

We strongly recommend that all dogs arrive at our dog hotels with their usual food. Changing the diet can often lead to upset stomachs and knowing that your dog is happy on their diet can avoid unexpected problems with allergies or stomach sensitivity. We have fridges and freezers on site to store fresh produce that you bring and can accommodate raw, home-cooked or wet food diets which we can prepare in the way that suits your dog’s needs.

Another aspect of this is the focus we put on maintaining their usual schedule. Before arriving we will ask you for details about their feeding routine and we will keep it the same during their stay. Your dog can relax knowing that their needs are covered as usual and they know what to expect.

What are your T & C’s for Dog Boarding?

Full payment is required to confirm a requested booking. Our full list of Terms and Conditions can be viewed via your account.

Costs / Payments

  • Charges are per day, the day of arrival is charged no matter on the times of the arrival. The departure day is charged depending on the time you collect. A 3pm collection is less expensive than a 4pm collection.
  • Payments are due before the arrival date and guests cannot be checked in without full payment.
  • Full payment for whole period is due prior to arrival
  • No refund will be given for cancellations of reservations.
  • We do not offer refunds but at the business owners discretion payments can sometimes be transferred to store credit.
  • Refunds will be paid in the event a mistake has taken place, we will be happy to refund as soon as the error is reported. In the rare event a mistake has happened the refund is usually back in the customers bank within a few days.
  • All customers will be charged a supplement for Christmas Day and New Years’ Day.

Vaccination requirements

  • Booster vaccinations must have taken place within the last 12 months and been signed off by a qualified veterinary surgeon. The certificate must show the booster having been administered as part of a course of vaccinations. Dog vaccinations must safeguard against the following diseases: Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parainfluenza.
  • Current kennel cough (Infectious Tracheobronchitis) vaccination. We would recommend that your dog have this at least two weeks prior to their arrival at Royvon, but we must insist that it is administered a minimum of three days before arrival. This is NOT part of their annual booster vaccination. If you are in any doubt, kennel cough vaccines can be identified on your vaccination card / certificate as ‘Interac’ (which lasts for 6 months) or ‘Novbivac KC’ (which lasts for 12 months).
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