Doberman Residential Dog Training

The Doberman Pinscher is a sleek and powerful breed that originated in Germany in the late 1800s. This iconic dog is known for power and loyalty and is revered for their alertness and intelligence. They are naturally protective, making them excellent family, guard, or police dogs.

The Doberman Pinscher is a sleek and powerful breed that originated in Germany in the late 1800s. This iconic dog is known for power and loyalty and is revered for their alertness and intelligence. They are naturally protective, making them excellent family, guard, or police dogs.

However, their dual nature – both athletic and gentle – requires expert guidance. By training your Doberman, you ensure their protective instincts are channelled in the right direction, cultivating a well-balanced, family-friendly companion. Our trainers have many years of experience using positive reinforcement techniques to overcome nervousness, aggression, and other behavioural issues in this breed; therefore, picking us as your Doberman trainer is undoubtedly the right option for your pet.

Efficient Doberman Training Based on Positive Reinforcement

Our dog trainers at Royvon understand that Doberman training is most effective usingpositive reinforcement techniques. Without positive reinforcement training, before they are teenagers, they might become nervous and aggressive in later years. However, Dobermans can be loving family pets and well-rounded four-legged friends with the right training. Our reward-based training methods encourage desirable behaviours and discourage unwanted ones. This means having a consistent,force-free training routine will bring out the best in your dog.

Dobermans naturally desire to please their owners, making positive reinforcement through rewards and treats highly effective. These methods promote faster learning, so the desired behaviour becomes natural more quickly than using other forceful training methods.

Efficient Doberman Training Based on Positive Reinforcement

Why training Dobermans is important?


Bearing a proud lineage, the Doberman Pinscher isn’t just another breed in the AKC’s Working Group. This breed was meticulously crafted by Louis Dobermann to be the ultimate human companion, ensuring protection and companionship in his daunting tax-collecting duties.

Today’s Doberman is a supreme blend of courage, loyalty, and vigilance. Therefore, proper guidance and, better yet, puppy training are essential. Their cleverness, combined with their enthusiasm and curious nature, can, if left unchecked, manifest in undesired behaviours. Proper training refines their innate attributes, making them confident guardians and cherished family members. Delving deeper, you’ll discover how indispensable tailored training truly is for this elegant breed.

What to Expect from Doberman Residential Training?

Our training concept at Royvon is that a well-trained dog is a happy dog. Therefore, during the three-week intensiveresidential training program, our experienced trainers work with dogs to teach them new commands and how to deal with distractions. This type of training is available atour locations, either Esher or Merthyr Tydfilbranches. You can also leave your Doberman at our daycare – Playhouse in Bridgend. Additionally, we assess for behavioural issues –essential for Doberman training – to address any problems with fear, aggression, or reactivity.


Our innovative Doberman Residential Dog Training programme works in two phases.

Phase one involves one-on-one training with your pet. During this phase, your dog will participate in daily training activities coupled with periods of relaxation. Our trainers will carefully reshape your Doberman’smindset, helping him resolve fearful, aggressive, or insecure behaviors.

Phase two follows up with up to 5 hours of mentorship and three group training sessions within the timespan of three months after your dog receives training to support the developmentof your relationship and training skills at home so you can becomea confident Doberman parent.

Time-Tested Dog Training Methods for Both the Owners and Their Dobermans

At Royvon, we specialise in Doberman training, utilising proven methods to manage and overcome the breed’s challenging behaviours. Our experienced trainers skilfully eliminate aggressive, possessive, and destructive tendencies, transforming your misbehaving dogs into positively-minded pets.

The core principle of our training approach is a structured, tailored routine, which significantly enhances Doberman training receptiveness. We consistently hold training sessions in a controlled environment, cultivating discipline and attentiveness.

As a premier Doberman trainer offering a breed-specific training programmes, Royvon provides excellent socialisation opportunities, essential for Dobermans. Encountering new dogs and people reduces anxiety and fear, promoting a more balanced temperament.

We leverage our renowned positive reinforcement formula, encompassing rewards, praise, and clicker training, to instil desired behaviours. Dobermans love to tune into their owner’s emotions and naturally tend to seek guidance, so our focus is concentrated on strengthening their attention towards their handlers.

Our on-site trainers employ healthy treats to teach Dobermans crucial behavioural control commands, emphasising the value of calmness. In turn, your Doberman will become disciplined, adhering to commands reliably.

Unlike most of our competitors, we reject harsh correction training environments. For intelligent breeds like Dobermans, physical reprimands or shouting only foster fear-based anxiety and don’t yield long-term behavioural correction.

Trust Royvon for an effective and compassionate approach to Doberman training.

Staying at Our 5-Star Dog Accommodation

During phase one of our Doberman Training programme, your pooch stays in top-class accommodation. Our luxury ‘hotel-type’ dog accommodation is well-equipped to provide a great learning environment. In addition to regular training sessions, your pet has time to relax and socialise with other dogs.

Our experienced trainers are on-site 24 hours daily to give you complete peace of mind. They are trained in dog first aid and health care to handle any emergencies that may arise. Additionally, they will quickly pick up any health issues and adjust training as needed or call a local vet if necessary.

We are alldog lovers and fully understand the emotional wrench being away from a loved pet can cause. Therefore, we arrange to keep you updated daily on your Doberman’s progress. You get to see videos of their training achievements and progress.

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Train Your Doberman with Our Awesome Dog-Loving Team

Doberman Training

The Royvon way is – ‘The Way You Treat Your Dog’. Our training methods are designed to treat your dog with the care and respect you require. We strive to create the right environment where your pet dog can thrive and develop a deep bond of trust with you.

If our residential programme is not for you, we offer plenty of other non-residential dog training programmes for Dobermans and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

So, if you’re considering professional training for your Doberman, why not call us today at 020 8819 7374? A team member is ready to assist in creating a customised plan and provide guidance on how to begin.