Residential Training For Belgian Malinois

Malinois are smart dogs that work hard and have absolute loyalty to their owners. As the most popular type of Belgian Shepherd, they have been bred for work and sports – this gives them real meaning. They are increasing in popularity but it takes an owner that can match their dog’s dedication to get the best out of an incredible Malinois.

Our Training for Belgian Malinois Really Works

Malinois are a herding breed which means they are very focused on moving objects with a high prey drive. Coupled with their strong muscles, speed and energy, they demand high levels of exercise and training well beyond the needs of many dogs. With commitment and persistence, they can be a delight to train as they are so responsive. If this isn’t possible, they can be a real challenge and we meet a lot of Malinois at Royvon that face real behaviour problems as a result of a lack of training. Without training in line with their breed instincts, they can become very reactive, including aggression to people, animals or even within the home.

At Royvon our mission is to help dogs to live their happiest lives alongside the family they love so much by enabling a lifetime of engaging training. We love to train Malinois dogs because they are so responsive and because we know how crucial training is to their happiness, and harmony at home. It is always a pleasure to see the huge leaps in training and behaviour we have seen with many Malinois that have received training at Royvon.

Our Residential Training programme is an effective way to train your Malinois to help you make the most out of your relationship with your dog. Whilst staying with us, your dog will receive first-class training from our expert trainers, plenty of stimulating activities in-between sessions and a comfortable nights sleep in our dog-hotel style accommodation.

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Common Problems with Training a Malinois

As a naturally intelligent breed, Malinois make excellent competitors, and winners, in sports and agility events. This has led to increased exposure but has perhaps mistakenly given the impression that they are easy to control. On the contrary, these competitive dogs are often alongside some of the world’s top competition trainers who have worked tirelessly to create the strong bond and focus that are essential to training success with a Malinois.

Neglecting training for a Belgian Malinois is very detrimental to their health and wellbeing, as well as making them very hard to handle as an owner. Their high prey drive must be directed to appropriate objects to prevent them chasing vehicles, animals or even children and local runners. They have high social needs and enjoy the brain activity of training as much as the exercise.

At Royvon, we take the time to understand your dog’s individual needs and tailor training around this. Whether you have concerns about your Malinois’ obedience or social skills or if they are showing aggressive tendencies, we can work on those specific issues in our training sessions. We also provide owner training at the end of our Residential Training Programme so that training can continue at home.

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Malinois Puppy Training

We see the best results for Belgian Malinois training when we meet them as puppies or adolescents, always with the commitment to owner training as well as dog training. This ensures the dog receives clear, consistent messages, understands that their owner is worthy of their undivided attention and sets up a tight, trusted bond for life based on the on-going enrichment of training.

Royvon puppy training ideally starts before your puppy even arrives home. We can advise through the whole process to ensure the environment is ready and that you can start as you mean to go on with effective and engaging training. Like any dog, puppy training for a Malinois starts with basic skills like toilet training and recall but as they grow their desire to go to work with become more evident and further training will be required.

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Some of our Belgian Malinois Case Studies

Why Choose Royvon?

At Royvon, we train all dogs using positive, modern training techniques. There is a lot of information about compulsion training for Malinois but with experience training dogs since 1959, we know that force-free training is effective for any dog breed, even when aggression issues have occurred. The intelligence of a Malinois means that if compulsion training has been attempted in the past, the damage may be irreversible as they do not forget and their trust of humans is broken.

Training Tailored to Your Dog

At Royvon we treat each dog like the individual that they are. This means adapting dog training to suit the level they are at, their personality and the key aims you are trying to achieve. Our training is focused on puppy training, dog training and dog training for those with behavioural issues. Malinois training will depend on what your dog needs and all training is adapted for nervous, anxious or aggressive dogs so that they can achieve the appropriate support. We only use modern, positive training methods that build trust and interest.

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A Belgian Malinois jumping for a ball whilst working with it's dog trainer
Belgian Malinois obediently looking at their dog trainer

About Our Belgian Malinois Trainers

Our experienced dog trainers are passionate about all dogs and take real delight in the fast-learning abilities of a happy, well-rounded Malinois. This breed is often described as ‘needing’ force-led training but we have had excellent results with positive reinforcement, without disrupting the trusted bond that a dog relies on to feel safe and balanced.

Residential Training for Malinois: The Results

While there is no doubting that Malinois can be a real challenge to own, a Malinois who receives expert obedience training and plenty of exercise, while with their beloved owner, is a delight to see in action and will repay this with excellent companionship on long runs, hiking up hills and even alongside mountain biking competitions. While competitive dog events may be the destiny for very select Malinois, we aim to help dogs to become well-trained, well-rounded and happy so that they can confidently be with their owners as much as possible.

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Belgian Malinois Training FAQs

Are Malinois difficult to train?

They can be. The training needs for this powerful breed should never be underestimated. Training is essential at every life stage and takes real commitment.

What is the best age to train a Malinois?

Ideally training should start from the moment your puppy arrives art home. The high prey drive and temperament of Malinois means that training is an on-going process.

Is Residential Dog Training right for my dog?

Residential dog training is an excellent option for your dog to receive intense training over a three-week period. This focused time away from home allows them to build a close bond with their trainer which makes training more effective.

Where are your dog training sites?

Royvon sites are in Esher, Surrey and Merthyr Tydfil, Brecon Beacons. Both sites offer dog training suitable for Malinois.

How do I book Residential Dog Training for my Malinois?

You can make an enquiry, book and make payments through our online system, accessible through ‘My Account’ on the website.

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A Belgian Malinois jumping over the trainers leg chasing a ball

Malinois Training at Royvon

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