Our mission is to help as many dogs as possible to live their happiest, healthiest lives in the company of their beloved family. Central to this is having the right team on board. The Royvon team are aligned with that mission, passionate about caring for dogs, believe in training using positive, modern methods and are proud to provide excellent customer service to all clients, both with and without fur!

We are always looking for dedicated dog professionals and welcome you to apply for work via the form below, whether you are looking for full-time employment as part of the team, flexible hours based on your availability or work experience. In return for your dedication to our work at Royvon, you will benefit from the commitment we make to excellence in staff training, internally and externally. Our preferred choice of training organisation is IMDT but please get in touch if you have another qualification, as long as you are committed to force-free techniques and agree with our dog training philosophy.

Qualified Trainer

  • Commitment to your on-going CPD training
  • The chance to work with an entire team that share your force-free training ethos and love of dogs

Trainee Trainer

  • Receive the training and support you need to become a qualified dog trainer
  • Hands-on, practical training time to achieve your qualifications faster
  • Part time or full time options
  • The chance to work with an entire team that share your force-free training ethos and love of dogs

Animal Carers & Dog Walkers

  • Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
  • We teach you to walk dogs in the right way to support their on-going training at Royvon
  • Starts at just two hours per day


  • Providing excellent professional and friendly care to our clients and guests
  • Part or full time options


  • Providing a highly-demanded pet taxi service
  • Looking for part-time drivers in the local area

Home Boarding

  • Providing the comfort of a home environment to dogs while their owners are away. At Royvon we add enrichment and training to keep the dog stimulated.
  • Many of our customers are in London and Surrey but we see increased demand across the UK.
  • Suitable for current pet sitters who can benefit from the Royvon brand for regular bookings, experience and training premiums.
  • Suitable for new sitters with a love of dogs: we provide suitable training.
  • Options for welcoming a dog to your home or staying in the client’s home.
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