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Royvon Country Retreat

As much as you love spending time with your dog, there are some places they just can’t go with you. If you are off on holidays and your dog isn’t coming along, the Royvon Country Retreat is a great holiday option for your dog to enjoy a break away too.

Our Country Retreat is in Wales, overlooking the Brecon Beacons. The Royvon business started here in 1959 and the site is perfect for dog adventures and accommodation. With large grass exercise areas for training and playtime, as well as walks in surrounding countryside, woodland and parks, this spot is perfect for dogs of all personalities, especially those that like to really burn off their energy! Just like humans, the stimulation of a new environment with exciting smells, new friends and places to explore makes for a great change, along with relaxed spaces for downtime and sleeping.

The Royvon Country Retreat is used year-round for training and boarding and in peak holiday periods we offer an exclusive shuttle service from our Esher site (Christmas and New Year, Easter, May Bank Holiday, Mid July to early September).

Extensive Royvon Country Retreat facilities

Located on the original Royvon site, surrounded by a nature reserve, the Country Retreat is perfect for dog holidays. On-site we have three large grass fields, an all-weather AstroTurf area and an indoor hall for training and exercise, protected by CCTV and staff on-site 24/7. The beautiful Cyfartfa Park, lake and Castle are five minutes away and we are just 20 minutes from the beautiful Brecon Beacons.

As with our Esher site, boarding starts on a room-only basis with a full range of customisable options to suit the personality and routine of any dog. Options to select from include:

  • One-to-one training sessions with our expert trainers in positive reinforcement
  • Dog friendly play sessions
  • Individual play sessions with a carer
  • Walks in the local countryside, woodland and parks
  • Enrichment games with the team
  • Enrichment in their own room, such as Kongs and puzzle bowls
  • Grooming services
  • Early morning and late-night additional toilet breaks to keep to routine

Away from activity time, your dog will have their own space to relax and sleep with large outdoor runs and comfortable indoor spaces, cooled or heated as needed. We are also able to offer a limited number of upgrade rooms. These are individually heated and furnished with a single bed and duvets, a rug on the floor and TV. While our main accommodation is perfect for most dogs, this upgrade may be worth considering if your dog is particularly nervous, enjoys a quieter area or for elderly dogs.

While your dog is at the Royvon Country Retreat you can expect their normal feeding routine and any medications to be kept to with regular updates sent to you everyday so that you know how your dog Is getting on.

Our experienced, caring team look after your dog

First and foremost, our team love dogs! Full of experience and a passion for caring for our guests, your dog will be in great company and will be treated as if they are one of our own, from making sure they are happy to giving lots of loving cuddles.

The team have dog behaviour training and first aid qualifications to ensure the comfort and safety of your dog, working together to make sure all guests are happy:

  • Anna and Louis are trainers with a real affinity with dogs. They form great bonds and dogs learn very quickly who has the most treats in their pocket to listen attentively to.
  • Chloe likes nothing more than sitting on the floor for dog cuddles.
  • Kevin and Steven are confident with dogs that are a little nervous and always find a way to gain their confidence.
  • Lauren works hard making dogs look and feel their very best offering pamper sessions and a full range of grooming services – perfect for a bit of holiday spa time.
  • Manager Jayne has 45 years of experience caring for dogs. Jayne keeps a close eye on all guests so that you can be assured your dog is in the very best of care at the Royvon Country Retreat.

Royvon Country Retreat chauffeur shuttle service

If you live closer to Royvon Esher in Surrey, our shuttle service allows you to drop and collect your dog there and we do the driving for you. In addition, we run a pet taxi at Esher so can drop and collect all the way from your home if you prefer.

The specially adapted shuttle has been well-thought through by our dog-loving team, with a maximum of four dogs onboard, each with their own personal kennel. The driver is trained in dog welfare and there is a halfway check to make sure all dogs are well, have a good water supply and some love before continuing. The vehicle is never left unattended enroute. Please note that for dog safety and comfort, the journey will be made at the most appropriate time to avoid excessive traffic or peak heat of the day in summer.

We will let you know when your dog has arrived safely in Wales and can even arrange a FaceTime call so that you can see them if you wish!

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“Leaving Our little Staffy whilst we went on holiday with Royvon was the best decision we could have made because he loves coming here. This was his second visit and knowing we could trust the experienced staff to take care of him made our holiday a more pleasant experience. The staff are lovely and so welcoming. Seriously, we recommend you consider Royvon for boarding and training… 5 stars all the way.”

Chris and Jess

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