The way you treat your dog.

It is the way we treat your dog with love; it’s the treat of engaging training that dogs find stimulating; the treat they know they will earn when demonstrating the right behaviours; the treat of dog-hotel style accommodation; the way they are treated as part of the family during their stay.

The ultimate treat for your dog is our mission at Royvon: to spend quality time with you.

Your dog is trained and cared for by experts in positive, modern techniques.

The Royvon positive training method is developed from a love of dogs and is backed by the latest scientific research. We enjoy spending time with them, helping them to feel content, calm and able to go anywhere.

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We believe passionately in helping dogs to live happy lives alongside the people they love most: their owners. Our dog training programmes focus on helping owners to build the skills and confidence to continue training and grow a trusting bond with their dog. From new puppies finding their way in the world to older dogs with behavioural issues, we welcome all dogs at Royvon and work with you to create a tailored approach to suit your needs.

Royvon is a family-run business, helping to train and care for dogs for over 60 years. Our vast experience with dogs doesn’t stop us learning; everything we do is informed by the latest scientific research. Our positive training methods are focused on movement and play as we know how motivating this is for dogs. We have worked hard to receive awards for our excellent dog boarding accommodation at both our Esher and Merthyr Tydfil sites, as well as the expert training that dogs receive in our care. We also have countless five star reviews from happy customers that mean every bit as much to us.

By helping you to feel confident and capable training your dog, we set in motion a lifetime connection between you. When your dog knows what to expect from you and what you expect from them, you have their undivided attention when you need it most. Recall can be relied upon even in busy environments, anxiety around other people is minimised and worries about socialising with other dogs are alleviated.

So many owners become resigned to the way their dog is, accepting that they cannot be taken to the places they would like to take them, that they cannot be let off-lead and they have grown used to poor behaviours that disrupt their household. Conflicting information on dog training has left them confused and worn-out, and their dogs don’t know what they have done wrong either. We have worked with dogs of all ages, breeds and personalities and know that with the right input, change will come.

Our secure sites sit amongst woodland that dogs who come to stay for our residential dog training programme enjoy exploring on walks. When dogs arrive at Royvon, whether they are excitable or nervous, we calm them down and help them settle quickly. Many owners take the opportunity of a residential dog training stay to take a holiday themselves while their dog enjoys safe, hotel-style accommodation, stimulating training and socialising where appropriate. You will receive regular updates through a private WhatsApp group so that you can see for yourself how your dog is doing, giving reassurance that the training is showing progress and helping the whole family while you are missing your dog. When it comes to collection time, after a happy reunion, you will be taken through a session to understand what your dog has been working on and give them the chance to demonstrate their new skills to you. This also marks the start of our on-going training to help you to continue the good work over the following months with our support to achieve the best results.

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Alongside our flagship residential dog training, we run day training at our sites, allowing dogs to develop their skills and behaviour without staying away from home. Our range of online dog training programmes are designed to help with specific areas that you are looking to develop. Details can be found on our dog training pages or if you are not sure what you need, our team will be happy to help advise.

Puppy training is an important part of owning a dog and with the right input in the first few weeks of having a new puppy at home, you will hopefully never need the intensity of our residential dog training programme for behavioural problems. There is a key window for training when a puppy first arrives and we work with owners to develop their ability to train their puppy alongside building a trusting and loving relationship, full of security.

This website has lots of useful information on our services, as well as blog posts on a huge range of topics, written to help as many dog owners as possible have a strong, happy relationship with their dog. Our YouTube channel has regular new content and if you subscribe you will receive updates on new posts including tips on how to initiate playful movement with your dog, common behavioural issues, case studies and examples of the work achieved by various breeds we have helped.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Royvon family.