The most critical time in a puppy’s life is between 4 – 16 weeks. It is during this time the most rapid learning occurs and when puppy training is most important – in addition, any experience that takes place within this short window of time will have the greatest impact on future social behaviour.

Puppies are naturally inquisitive and playful so it is the best time to start teaching them commands and correct behaviours.

Puppy classes will ensure you have a relaxed, obedient, and happy dog as it helps them to feel confident and safe in their surroundings. As experts in the field of puppy training, we will guide you through the whole puppy to adult transformation process.

We are excited to offer a couple of options for helping you to train your puppy. These include puppy training classes and a bespoke residential puppy training programme, at any one of our venues in either Surrey, Coventry or Methyr; these programmes focus on creating a routine for puppies.

Our Residential Puppy training programme

Throughout their stay, each puppy will receive daily training and activity sessions. The puppies will also experience enriching walks each day to help with their socialisation and habituation, plus helping with their generalisation to deal with distractions in the real world.

  • Socialisation is key to shaping a well rounded adult.
  • Training in the key to a happy and sociable companion.
  • It’s never too early to start.

During the training programme they will be following guidelines which will encourage calm behaviour within the house – no jumping up, not being on the furniture, no mouthing. We will teach them an understanding of basic obedience skills to help them onto a more balanced puppyhood. Each owner will receive their own puppy pack containing a DVD and command structure upon departure. The owners will come to site for an hour lesson to learn the training principles that have been used in order for them to carry on the training when they take their puppy home.

Puppy classes

Open to Puppies aged between 11-24 weeks

These classes are not your standard obedience classes. These classes are aimed at teaching you how to be your puppy’s trainer and giving you the skills to teach them absolutely everything they need to know. Socialisation is a huge part of these classes, teaching your puppy how to play politely with both people and other puppies, recall from them and walk politely on their leads. Life skills is what we teach, leaving behind old fashioned ideologies of obedience, instead shaping a confident, calm and well-mannered puppy in all environments, not just the obedience hall.


  • Clicker training
  • Learning basic training principles such as sit, stay, down etc
  • Fun games that teach you and puppy the skills you need
  • Socialisation
  • Recall training
  • Impulse Control
  • Polite play skills

You will need the following tools:-

  • Your own clicker or buy one from us
  • Your own lead (a fixed length lead not flexi lead)
  • High value treats (Cheese, hotdogs etc)
  • Your dog’s favourite toy

Please don’t feed your puppy before you come (we will be working through reward based training)

For more information please contact us.