Puppy Training at Royvon

Our mission at Royvon is to help as many dogs as possible enjoy a happy life spending as much time as possible with their owners. Successful puppy training in the earliest days will set you up for success and put you on the path to sharing many years ahead with the dog you dreamed of. Royvon works with you every step of the way, from pre-arrival advice onwards.

Puppy Training at Royvon

Our mission at Royvon is to help as many dogs as possible enjoy a happy life spending as much time as possible with their owners. Successful puppy training in the earliest days will set you up for success and put you on the path to sharing many years ahead with the dog you dreamed of. Royvon works with you every step of the way, from pre-arrival advice onwards.

Our Puppy Services Are

Pre-Puppy Pack

One of the things you will notice as a new puppy owner is how much conflicting information there is about puppies and dog training in general out there. We put over 60 years of experience working with puppies and dogs into our pre-puppy pack to give you the best resources to welcome your new family member with the best start possible. This includes help on selecting a good breeder, how to be a responsible owner, when to start socialising, how to prepare your home for your new arrival and the basics for those first few weeks out of routine. When you purchase this pack, the cost is added to your account and can be used as credit within six months if you choose to go on and use any of our other puppy services. To download your informative Pre-puppy pack, click here. 

happy engaged puppies looking at their trainer waiting for a treat
Puppies sitting attentively waiting for their trainers instruction for a treat

Puppy Classes
(3-6 months)

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, the fun begins! Our small group puppy classes have been created using everything we know about the young dog brain. Groups are kept limited so that puppies have chance to socialise without being overwhelmed. Suitable for puppies from three to six months, this series of six on-site classes will take you and your little one through all of the basics that will become essential life skills. This includes mat training, how to play with your puppy to build focus and trust, helping them to feel comfortable at the vet and a variety of skills that we will practice in a variety of environments. Puppy classes book up in advance, please get in touch to add your name to the next available class block.

Puppy Masterclass

One-to-one puppy training, before your little one is fully vaccinated and is able to leave the home, they are already taking in so much and learning about your family and how to behave in the world. For your masterclass, you will be assigned a trainer who will visit you and work with you directly covering everything from a supportive environment to toilet training, socialisation to enriching training. This option is also available via Zoom rather than in-person.

To book your in-person or Zoom masterclass, click here.

A puppy looking for more treats in the play area with a tunnel, a ball pit and a hoop alongside the trainer
Two staffordshire bull terriers (staffies) looking up at their trainer

Puppy Assessment

This 45 minute assessment session with one of our puppy trainers is a great place to start your training journey. Every dog is individual, as are the family they have become a part of, and this one-to-one time enables us to share specific advice relevant to your goals and determine a training path that will help you to reach them and feel supported. Further details on our Puppy Assessments can be found here and you can book your onsite assessment easily through our online portal.

Puppy Training
(3-6 months)

These one-to-one, 45 minute sessions with one of our puppy training experts are ideal for those who can’t make our puppy classes but still want to get going with training while pup is young, before they reach adolescence. This is an ideal stage to step in and embed the right desired behaviours using positive training techniques, before things like stubbornness and an unexpected decline in listening can often set in! Your puppy will be forming a strong sense of their own personality at this stage and you will likely have some key areas that you want some support with. This one-to-one service allows us to focus on these while making sure you as the owner are as involved in training as possible. You can book the timing of these sessions to suit you but we do recommend keeping sessions close together, especially for young dogs, to stimulate increased learning and progression. 

To book puppy training, click here.

A puppy going through a hoop for a treat

More about Puppy Training


Puppy All-Inclusive Residential Training Programme (under 6 months)

The Royvon siganture service is residential dog training. For our puppy guests we have adapted the format to suit their needs. This five day programme runs from Tuesday to Saturday (extended stays can be discussed but will depend on suitability). 
During their stay, you will be assigned a dedicated trainer who will go through your answers to the pre-arrival behaviour questionnaire in an online consultation, meet you on arrival day for a one-hour training session to establish goals, carry out daily positive training, send daily progress updates, meet you for an hour and a half of training on departure day and send you home with training notes and videos to continue the great work. In addition, your puppy will have an indoor sleeping area, their own outside run and play area, daily group play sessions, bedtime walk and an additional toilet-opportunity walk. The care team will ensure you also have wellbeing updates and will give your puppy a bath on the day of departure. 
Please note that for older puppies, we normally recommend our Complete Training Programme. An assessment is advised first to establish what is most suitable. 
To book your puppy in for all-inclusive residential training, please click here. 

A Growing Personality

Getting a new puppy is normally very exciting and not a decision taken lightly. Amongst all the cuddles and photo opportunities, the first few months of a puppy’s life are critical. Alongside their genetics, their experiences during this time will determine a lot of the personality they will grow up to express. Like any newborn arriving into the home, alongside excitement comes added pressure, sleepless nights and some difficulty. It is essential that a new puppy knows first and foremost that it has arrived into a safe environment where they can trust their new family and don’t feel threatened in any way. This comfort allows them to be receptive to puppy training and learn what constitutes desirable behaviour.
If you took everything into consideration before making the choice to bring a puppy into your home, you will have prepared yourself for a period of disruption to your normal household routine. This is a good mindset to have as training your puppy does require extensive input to achieve successful results. However, the consequences of not investing this time are that this disruption continues for much longer and behavioural issues can start to arise that need more intervention in the future to rectify.

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Laying the right Training Foundations

Over 60 years of experience working with puppies and dogs at Royvon, we have seen the huge effect that steps taken within a puppy’s first few months with you will lay the foundations for their behaviour, both positive and negative. During this period, they are constantly learning and adapting to know what is expected of them, even though they can’t get out and explore the world yet. Focusing on expert training at this stage is an excellent choice, making the most of your puppy’s inquisitive mind and constant learning.
This time is also crucial for owners too, investing the time in training and bonding with your puppy to build a positive relationship for a lifetime. However, this period is also the time when puppies aren’t fully vaccinated which limits the options for spending time with a trainer. Left without input, it’s too easy to fall into the wrong training behaviours with the best of intentions which can have long-term consequences in some cases. Working with an expert trainer, you can focus your energy on the important things and avoid getting stuck on one element on training.
Our New Puppy Training Masterclass has been designed for maximum beneficial intervention during this critical timeframe. Working with both puppy and owner, we help to realise your potential as a team, from the day your puppy joins your family. This comes with a lot of responsibility but thankfully it is also a huge amount of fun!

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Professional Puppy Training Advice Customised to Your Needs

There is a huge amount of information available from different experts about puppy training and as a new owner it can feel overwhelming. So much of it is conflicting and generalised, not taking into account your puppy’s character, your circumstances or needs. This can lead to confusion and even arguments in families where there are disagreements about the best way to do something. We study the latest scientific research and use only modern puppy training techniques focused around positive reinforcement to give a clear pathway for success.
Royvon puppy obedience training is focused on the use of movement and play to capture your puppy’s interest and keep them looking to you for guidance as to what to do next. Training is enriching for a dog of any age and without suitable enrichment, it is likely dogs will develop behavioural problems ranging from pulling on the lead through to reactivity, aggression and separation anxiety.
This simple concept is the difference between a dog that recalls easily to their owner in a busy park and one that does its own thing. The more confidence you have that your dog is listening to your commands, no matter how exciting an environment might be, the more likely you are to feel comfortable bringing them along wherever you are going. Ultimately, that is what your dog wants too: to enjoy as much time with you as possible.


Puppy Training for Owners

So often new puppies are taken to a weekly class for training and then have no continuation of what they have learned between sessions. This is because the focus is on training the puppy to behave a certain way rather than essential education for owners to understand the theory of puppy training, reinforce desired behaviours and continue training throughout the puppy months.
Our programmes are designed to maximise the learning ability of your puppy at just the right time as well as keeping owners focused on training when it can make the most difference. Establishing the importance of training time between you and your puppy while they are young will prevent bigger problems in dog adolescence and adulthood.

Puppy Assessment

Our puppy training services start with a 45 minute assessment so that one of our puppy trainers can meet your puppy, share advice according to your goals and take you through appropriate puppy services to support your training journey together.
Over decades of working with new puppy owners, we have found that most aren’t clear about what type of service they need or what might be possible to change through training and what is just in their dog’s nature. Some may be wondering what to do next with their puppy, looking for direction or even at the end of their tether. Wherever they find themselves, there is the desire to do the right thing by their puppy, help to start changing any challenges faced and a commitment to progress.
This is a pre-booked assessment at the secure Royvon site on a 1-2-1 basis.  During the session we will have the opportunity to learn about your puppy and what peaks their interest. We talk at Royvon about ‘The way you treat your dog’ because not all dogs have the same idea about what motivates them. Working with a trainer in various environments, we will discuss your training goals and you will experience some of our methods in action. We will be learning from the way that your puppy interacts with you, the trainer and the environment and we don’t need to see any problematic behaviours in action to be able to help and advise around them. The session will help to determine what your puppies’ development areas are as well as how much support you may need during home training. You will find the session informative and useful, hopefully fun too, regardless of what you decide to do next.
The dog trainer who spends time with you and your dog will make a recommendation on the puppy training programme or combination of programmes that will best suit your goals for the future. This is based on the needs of your dog and of you as the owner. We will take you through all our training options, to find the right solution.


Puppy Masterclass

This masterclass focuses on the early stages with your new puppy. It takes place in your own home or over Zoom, while your puppy is getting to know you, the family, and the environment they live in. This allows us to share our guidance and support from the beginning, before vaccinations are complete.
The Royvon puppy masterclass covers:
  • Biological needs – giving them the calm knowledge that all of their basic needs are covered and they can rely on you without having to worry about their safety.
  • Emotional needs – Alongside the basic needs to survive, your puppy has more complex emotional needs, like any member of the family. This section helps you to understand what your puppy is feeling and how to keep them stimulated and reassured to bring out the best in them.
  • Social needs – dogs are pack animals by nature and your puppy needs social interaction for their development and happiness. We see owners who have both under and over-socialised their puppy that run into trouble later. This section covers appropriate socialising with you, the family, visitors to your home, strangers and other dogs.
  • Force-free training needs – a core part of the work we do at Royvon to help dogs is training using positive reinforcement. This section will teach you the four pillars of positive reinforcement and introduce you to the playful methods that will form your on-going training as your puppy grows.
  • Cognitive needs – this section focuses on the brain development for your puppy, understanding the way their personality and breed plays a role in what they respond best to, and how to give them appropriate challenges to learn from.
  • How to structure a typical day – helping to bring structure to the chaos a new puppy in the house can bring, we will take you through a day plan to fulfilfulfill all of the above needs without feeling overwhel