Puppy Training at Royvon

Our mission at Royvon is to help as many dogs as possible enjoy a happy life spending as much time as possible with their owners. Successful puppy training in the earliest days will set you up for success and put you on the path to sharing many years ahead with the dog you dreamed of.

Puppy Training at Royvon

Our mission at Royvon is to help as many dogs as possible enjoy a happy life spending as much time as possible with their owners. Successful puppy training in the earliest days will set you up for success and put you on the path to sharing many years ahead with the dog you dreamed of.

A Growing Personality

Getting a new puppy is normally very exciting and not a decision taken lightly. Amongst all the cuddles and photo opportunities, the first few months of a puppy’s life are critical. Alongside their genetics, their experiences during this time will determine a lot of the personality they will grow up to express. Like any new born arriving into the home, alongside excitement comes added pressure, sleepless nights and some difficulty. It is essential that a new puppy knows first and foremost that it has arrived into a safe environment where they can trust their new family and don’t feel threatened in any way. This comfort allows them to be receptive to puppy training and learn what constitutes desirable behaviour.

If you took everything into consideration before making the choice to bring a puppy into your home, you will have prepared yourself for a period of disruption to your normal household routine. This is a good mindset to have as training your puppy does require extensive input to achieve successful results. However, the consequences of not investing this time are that this disruption continues for much longer and behavioural issues can start to arise that need more intervention in the future to rectify.

Laying the right Training Foundations

Over 60 years of experience working with puppies and dogs at Royvon, we have seen the huge effect that steps taken within a puppy’s first few months with you will lay the foundations for their behaviour, both positive and negative. During this period, they are constantly learning and adapting to know what is expected of them, even though they can’t get out and explore the world yet. Focusing on expert training at this stage is an excellent choice, making the most of your puppy’s inquisitive mind and constant learning.

This time is also crucial for owners too, investing the time in training and bonding with your puppy to build a positive relationship for a lifetime. However, this period is also the time when puppies aren’t fully vaccinated which limits the options for spending time with a trainer. Left without input, it’s too easy to fall into the wrong training behaviours with the best of intentions which can have long-term consequences in some cases. Working with an expert trainer, you can focus your energy on the important things and avoid getting stuck on one element on training.

Our New Puppy Programme has been designed for maximum beneficial intervention during this critical timeframe. Working with both puppy and owner, we help to realise your potential as a team, from the day your puppy joins your family. This comes with a lot of responsibility but thankfully it is also a huge amount of fun!

Puppy Training Advice Customised to Your Needs

There is a huge amount of information available from different experts about puppy training and as a new owner it can feel overwhelming. So much of it is conflicting and generalised, not taking into account your puppy’s character, your circumstances or needs. This can lead to confusion and even arguments in families where there are disagreements about the best way to do something. We study the latest scientific research and use only modern positive training techniques to give a clear pathway for success. 

Royvon obedience training is focused on the use of movement and play to capture your puppy’s interest and keep them looking to you for guidance as to what to do next. Training is enriching for a dog of any age and without suitable enrichment, it is likely dogs will develop behavioural problems ranging from pulling on the lead through to reactivity, aggression and separation anxiety.

This simple concept is the difference between a dog that recalls easily to their owner in a busy park and one that does its own thing. The more confidence you have that your dog is listening to your commands, no matter how exciting an environment might be, the more likely you are to feel comfortable bringing them along wherever you are going. Ultimately, that is what your dog wants too: to enjoy as much time with you as possible.

Puppy Training for Owners

So often new puppies are taken to a weekly class for training and then have no continuation of what they have learned between sessions. This is because the focus is on training the puppy to behave a certain way rather than essential education for owners to understand the theory of puppy training, reinforce desired behaviours and continue training throughout the puppy months. 
Our programmes are designed to maximise the learning ability of your puppy at just the right time as well as keeping owners focused on training when it can make the most difference. Establishing the importance of training time between you and your puppy while they are young will prevent bigger problems in dog adolescence and adulthood.

Royvon Puppy Training Options

The Royvon New Puppy Programme is designed to support owners and puppies from the moment they come home together. This takes place over a four week period, during which your puppy won’t be able to come to a Royvon site for training as they await their full vaccination cover. We make the most of this time at home to keep puppy development front-of-mind with seven online sessions with a member of our highly-experienced team.

Broken down into seven modules, you will learn about the basics of having a puppy around, house training, mouthing, settling, crate training, puppy games and play. As these are all carried out one-to-one, the information is not generic, it is aimed specifically at helping your puppy, no matter what size or breed. We consider your personal circumstances too and what sort of training is possible to continue in your household to ensure that the advice given is practical and sustainable. In between sessions we provide a training diary for you to track training time and enable us to quickly see where any improvements may be needed between sessions. Additional support is provided via a dedicated WhatsApp group with our trainers so that you aren’t left with any important questions that may distract from training.

Puppy Residential Programme

Our Puppy Residential Programme makes fantastic use of the time after your puppy has been fully vaccinated and before those crucial first 100 days are up. Unlike our residential dog training programme for adult dogs that runs for an intensive three weeks, our puppy residentials are either one or two weeks to ensure they also have enough time at home to feel secure with their new family.

This residential option at Royvon accelerates the puppy training programme and allows us to take on the responsibility for your puppy developing into a well-rounded family pet during this period. Before their stay, we will get to know you via an online consultation to ensure the training given is practical for you to continue with after their stay. During your puppy’s time with us they will get to enjoy everything Royvon has to offer: knowledgeable, caring staff on-hand 24/7, dog-hotel style accommodation at our secure site, socialising with other dogs where appropriate, regular wellbeing updates to you and of course plenty of stimulating puppy training.

After their stay with us, your puppy will have come on leaps and bounds. A two hour training session sets the foundations for continuing their training at home before you set off together armed with written notes and access to our training videos. A follow-up session a week later is the perfect opportunity to make sure everything stays on track.

Adolescent Obedience Programme

Following those early months as a puppy, they enter adolescence. At this stage your growing puppy will already have strong ideas about how they behave and what they would rather be doing. Our Adolescent Obedience Programme is designed to focus their attention on you and create a lifelong habit of enjoyable training together. Using a mix of online and face-to-face training sessions over ten weeks, alongside videos and your own training diary, you will gain confidence in your ability to keep training on track.

Confidence, Socialisation and Life Skills Programme

For those adolescent puppies who have unfortunately matured during the global pandemic, they will inevitably have lost the opportunity to socialise as normal and experience a wide variety of environments. Our Confidence, Socialisation and Life Skills Programme is designed for puppies between five and 10 months to increase their experience and teach them basic obedience.

Over a seven or 14 day residential stay at our fantastic secure site, your puppy will receive daily puppy training using play and movement to motivate, visit new environments to stimulate them and receive instructional obedience. As with all of our residential dog training programmes, we will keep you up to date with your puppy’s progress and wellbeing via a WhatsApp group and provide owner training when you come to collect your puppy. A follow-up session a week late ensures that any lingering questions or worries can be quickly addressed, and you can continue your training together.