American Bulldog XL Residential Training

XL Bullies in the press

It’s hard to avoid the news about XL Bullies at the moment, as the government moves to change the future of this breed in the UK and ban them from future breeding. As people who love dogs, we are so sad to see yet another breed regarded in this way, especially one that we know can be such a loving, faithful pet. However, there is no denying that this strong breed, like all bull breeds, can only thrive happily and safely with appropriate training and a family that raises them in the right way.

At Royvon, we work with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. We love working with puppies and establishing the foundations of a lifetime of enriching training from the very beginning, but this is not always the reality of the dogs we meet. It’s never too late to use dog training to help with obedience, modify behaviour or even handle reactivity, and this has never been more important than it is for the XL Bully breed right now.

We love dogs, and we want to do everything we can to help owners of this strong breed at this tricky time, check out how our Residential Training Programme for American XL Bullies.

American XL Bulldogs are magnificent animals that embody strength and a deep sense of loyalty. This Bulldog niche is unique due to its characteristics, size, and lineage, often setting them apart from other breeds. This powerful breed often attracts a negative perception in the public eye, primarily because of its sturdy appearance and incorrect handling. Despite this, American XL Bullies have a gentle soul and an immense desire to please. They just need guidance to channel their energy and strength in the right direction. Training an American XL Bulldog properly ensures you get a protector, companion, and playful family member.

Time-tested American XL Bully Training Programme

Here at Royvon, we can help shape the behaviours of American XL bullies. We offer residential dog training and non-residential services from our Merthyr Tydfil and Esher training locations. Whether your Bulldog displays misbehaviour, anxiety, aggression, or simple disobedience, we have the expertise. Drawing from our experience, we’ve developed a two-phase residential training program that is perfect for the American XL Bulldog’s unique needs.

The initial phase sees your Bulldog participating in a three-week on-site residential training program. This period introduces them to our innovative training curriculum, leveraging advanced behaviour correction strategies and methodologies. Our trainers personalise every session, ensuring your dog’s requirements are addressed with love and respect, as we believe these emotions will amplify their learning capacity.

In the next phase, you join in on the training. Here, we focus on fortifying the bond between you and your American XL Bulldog. We guide you in building a more profound connection, ensuring your Bulldog looks to you for leadership. You receive personalised guidance from experienced professionals that you can put into practice during our hands-on training session. We offer insights to improve your training techniques, establish authority, and achieve your training objectives, ensuring a harmonious life with your American XL Bulldog.

XL Bully, American Bulldog lying down placidly

Why train American XL Bullies?

In light of the recent announcement by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to add the American Bully XL to the UK’s list of banned breeds, training this breed now is more vital than ever. While the ban is heart-wrenching for many, the amnesty ensures that current XL Bully owners can raise the last generation of dogs responsibly. Amnesty conditions include owners registering their dogs and keeping them leashed and muzzled at all times in public.

American Bullies XL are extraordinary creatures. Their muscular strength, bullheadedness, and obstinacy mean they require careful and intelligent training to bypass unwanted behaviours.

Training this breed not only gives them stability but will draw forth their inherent desire to please, emphasising their unmatched loyalty and other positive qualities. In a post-ban world, consistent, reward-based training promotes impeccable behaviour and becomes an essential beacon of responsible ownership, ensuring your Bully stands as a testament to the breed’s true magnificence.

American Bulldog Bully XL sitting obediently
XL Bully, American Bulldog standing proud

Training American XL Bulldog as Puppies is Paramount

It’s not a secret that American XL Bulldogs, when bred and groomed for the wrong reasons, due to their unique physical capabilities, can become very challenging and potentially dangerous. Therefore, setting the proper foundation during their puppy years is crucial for curbing potential stubborn streaks and harnessing their innate intelligence and power. This breed is naturally eager to please when handled with respect, and reward-based training strategies, such as clicker training, create an unparalleled bond between owner and dog. Contrary to public opinion, this breed seeks understanding and connection at heart. Training puppies early ensures they evolve into the well-mannered, gentle giants they should be.

So, if you’re looking to shape your American bully into a well-mannered dog, choose our residential American XL Bully training in one of our branches at our training centres in Merthyr Tydfil or Esher; let’s reshape the status quo around American XL Bulldogs together.

Force-Free Tailored Bulldog Training Methods

While training a robust breed like the American XL Bulldog may seem challenging, our programme ensures a smooth and stress-free process for both owner and pet. With over 60 years in the industry, our methodology is backed by generations of knowledge and current scientific research. Upholding our slogan, ‘The Way You Treat Your Dog,’ we emphasise positive reinforcement training and fiercely oppose forceful methods. With us, your Bully will indulge in various physical and mental activities catering to their unique requirements.

As the training progresses, we harden the challenges to ensure your Bulldog adapts to diverse scenarios and commands, even in the most distracting and stressful situations. Our successful training approach is validated by countless testimonials from satisfied pet owners.

Black and white XL Bully American Bulldog standing proud
Brown American XL Bully happily running

A Stay at Our 5-STAR Dog Boarding Facilities

During our residential dog training program for American XL Bulldogs, your pet will stay at our Dog Boarding facilities in one of our branches at Merthyr Tydfil or Esher, where they can unwind and socialise with other dogs. We offer top-tier accommodation to ensure a serene ambience, allowing them to relax post-training.

With 24/7 supervision, our team is ready to cater to all their needs. Any health concerns are promptly addressed, our staff is first aid trained, and we offer immediate access to our vetted veterinary care partners if required. Recognising your emotional connection, we ensure consistent updates about your stay and progress.

Post-Training Expectations for Your American XL Bulldog

Our training promises transformation. Like every other dog we work our magic on, your American XL Bulldog will exhibit obedience, responding promptly to commands, irrespective of distractions. Your Bulldog will exude confidence, no longer showcasing any insecurities or apprehensions. Whether introducing them to new environments or acquaintances, they will remain composed and focused on you. Learn more on what to expect after a residential stay at Royvon.

American XL Bullies Residential Training with Royvon Experts

Our unwavering belief in positive reinforcement, hands-on training, and consistency promises an enhanced relationship with your Bulldog. Whether you opt for residential training or desire individual sessions, our trainers are ready to guide you. Contact us to enrol in an American XL Bulldog training programme.