Dog Training

The Royvon non-residential dog training programme is a great alternative to our residential option, offering daytime training with our expert trainers in a secure, dog-friendly environment.

Non-Residential Dog Training

The Royvon residential dog training programme is our flagship offering, bringing together our expertise in dog training with our excellent on-site services and dog-hotel-style accommodation. 


The Royvon dog training philosophy is built on two core principles: our love of dogs and the belief that owners who feel confident in how their dog will behave will take them to more places and spend more time with them. Our mission at Royvon is to help as many dogs as possible to live a fulfilling life alongside their owners, led by enriching training that gives both dogs and owners the confidence to spend time in more environments together. Our residential dog training programme is at the heart of our services but to enable as many people to receive the help they need and achieve our mission, we have a range of flexible options available to those who don’t find the residential option fits their current needs. The facilities at both Royvon sites – Esher, Surrey and Merthyr Tydfil, Wales – were built to create the perfect dog training environment. Whether dogs are staying with us for residential dog training or visiting for a course of training during the day, they will have the opportunity to make the most of the experience in our secure training paddocks, working with our expert dog trainer team on their specific development areas.


Can I Train My Dog Without Residential Training?

Our residential programme is designed to accelerate learning and puts the responsibility for training during a three-week stay in the hands of our experienced dog trainers . However, it is important to note that successful training is an on-going process and it’s not just your dog who learns new skills but you as their owner. Our non-residential dog training options focus on equipping you with the skills to practice with your dog and work on their development using our modern, positive training techniques.

Each dog has their own personality which is determined by breed, genetics, upbringing and environment and they need their owners to understand them so that they can capture their attention and keep it. Your dog will have its own ideas about what it thinks is interesting and fun so learning to use play and movement to engage your dog is not something that can be picked up from a textbook. Through 1-2-1 dog training, our team will help you to develop the skills needed to train effectively and ensure your dog gets the most out of the stimulating training you do with them.

Non-Residential Dog Training
Non-Residential Dog Training

How Can I Choose What Sort Of Dog Training We Need?

We have 1-2-1 dog training programmes to suit all dogs and issues, from mastering recall to helping a reactive dog. We will work with you to create the right programme to suit you and the needs of your dog. This will usually be a mix of day school, one- to-one sessions, online support and training aids.

1-2-1 initial assessment: the recommended first step is a pre-booked assessment at the secure Royvon site on a 1-2-1 basis. We book two hours for adult dogs and an hour for puppies. During this time we will have the opportunity to learn about your dog and what peaks their interest. We talk at Royvon about ‘The way to treat your dog’ because not all dogs have the same idea about what motivates them. These normally take place out and about in the local area to assess how your dog reacts in different scenarios, as well as some time on-site at Royvon so your dog has the chance to experience the environment at Royvon.

What To Expect

The 1-2-1 session will help to determine what you dogs’ development areas are as well as how much support you may need during home training. You will find the session informative and useful, hopefully fun too, regardless of what you decide to do next.

The dog trainer who spends time with you and your dog will make a recommendation on the non-residential dog training programme or combination of programmes that will best suit your goals. With the right focus at home on training before behavioural issues set in, and the expert input of Royvon dog trainers, your dog will likely never need residential training.

The dog trainer who spends time with you and your dog will make a recommendation on the programme or combination of programmes that will best suit your goals. With the right focus at home on training before behavioural issues set in, and the expert input of Royvon trainers, your dog will likely never need residential training.

Our Non-Residential Dog Training 

Royvon has been caring for dogs since 1959, leading the way in behavioural management and obedience. As a third-generation family business, we have extensive knowledge of all breeds and dog personalities but never stop learning and developing to ensure our positive training methods are always informed by the latest research. We use movement and fun to motivate your dog, building a strong relationship that captures their attention even when you are in more challenging environments.

Non-Residential Dog Training

Come Every Time Recall 

If you have a dog that cannot be relied upon to come when you call, the thought of being about to visit a park or beach without keeping your dog on a lead may feel like a distant dream. This restricts where you can go together, how much fun your dog can have playing and the level of social interaction they can have with other dogs. It also has the potential to cause anxiety in owners who cannot predict how their dog will behave in different environments. 

All our programmes include dog recall training since recall is the key to creating a happy, long-lasting relationship between you and your dog. Our recall training focuses on holding your dog’s attention so that you can trust them to stop whatever train of thought or action they are following and return to you with enthusiasm, regardless of where you are. Over six weeks we will work with you to progress recall through weekly 1-2-1 dog training sessions, video tutorials and additional individual input in your private WhatsApp training updates group.

Confidence And Socialisation Training

It is an essential part of a dog’s development to experience socialisation and get used to different environments and how unpredictable places, people and other dogs can be. These social skills help to prevent behavioural issues developing as they have the confidence they can cope in different scenarios. When a dog doesn’t know how to behave they can react unpredictably themselves and this can be a cause of great anxiety for owners.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has meant that many adolescent puppies haven’t been able to learn these skills at the correct stage of their development. If you’re anxious about how your puppy behaves around other dogs, people or in certain environments, we can offer socialisation training as part of your training programme. The aim of socialisation and confidence training is to help your puppy  gain confidence, enjoy safe and enriching socialising and learn basic obedience skills at the same time.

Aimed at puppies from five months to 10 months, our 1-2-1 dog trainers will work with your puppy over a week or two weeks on a residential basis at our secure site at Royvon and receive intensive positive rewards-based training. As with all Royvon programmes, it is essential that owners receive training too and departure day will include an owner training session with a follow-up session a week later.

Adolescent Obedience Training

If your adolescent dog struggles with obedience, we can add obedience training into your training plan. Using positive training methods, we help you to bring out the best in your adolescent dog by teaching you how to keep your dogs’ focus and attention, wherever you are.

This is a fundamental skill to help achieve our mission of helping as many dogs as possible to live a happy life alongside their owners for more of the time.  There is a lot of conflicting information available about obedience and methodologies. Over a five week period, using a combination of face-to-face and online training, video tutorials and examples, our dog obedience training will help you to focus your actions to meet your specific needs and ensure you stay on track through the training process.

Reactive Dog Training Programme

If you have a reactive dog, it can deeply affect the relationship between you and cause stress about taking your dog for a walk, let alone spending more time together on further adventures. The aim of our reactive dog training programme is to turn that feeling around so that you can both enjoy walks on a loose lead. 

Over a six week period, using a combination of 1-2-1 training and group maintenance classes where you can practice your training in a controlled environment, you will learn the skills required to gain confidence with your dog and build trust between you.


Our Dog Day School

As well as our specific dog training programmes, we offer a dog day school to help support learning and care for dogs at our secure sites. An enhancement of traditional doggy day care, your dog receives training and enrichment while they are with us. Once a week owners will join us to further develop their own dog training skills to ensure that inputs are consistent and stimulating for your dog.

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