Dog Training

The Royvon residential dog training programme is our flagship offering, bringing together our expertise in dog training with our excellent on-site services and dog-hotel-style accommodation


Our belief is that a well-trained dog is happy in your company and you are comfortable with taking them to more places alongside you, confident that they will behave in an appropriate way. For owners with dogs with behavioural issues, this may feel like a distant dream. At Royvon, we have been caring for, developing and training dogs for three generations and have seen dogs of all dispositions go home with a new mindset after a stay with us. We believe in treating your dog with love and respect, using modern, positive training methods, backed by scientific research.

There are two phases to our Residential Dog Training Programme. Phase one is an intensive stay on-site in our luxury dog-hotel-style accommodation. Training activities are built into the schedule every day for each dog in our care and your dog will work with a trainer who knows exactly what you are aiming to achieve and how to help them do so. Phase two starts when the residential period ends. Where phase one focuses on dog training, phase two centres on owner training, offering support for up to three months after your dog’s stay to help develop your own training skills and set you up for a lifetime of fulfilling and enjoyable training with your dog.


What are the benefits of residential dog training?

We developed the residential dog training concept to maximise learning for dogs. Over the intensive three-week training programme, dogs that come to Royvon can make huge leaps forward in their training and behaviour in a short period of time. The Royvon residential training programme is especially effective for dogs with behavioural issues, helping to provide them with a consistent training approach every day without any of their normal distractions. We specialise in supporting dogs and owners who have faced challenges such as fear, reactivity and aggression, no matter what the breed.

Environment is a key component of successful dog training. Once training is embedded, your dog should be able to carry out orders repeatedly, regardless of where you are and what else may be going on. A well-trained dog will only have eyes for you when you need them to and will display successful recall wherever you are, inevitably allowing you to take your dog to more places. This is our ultimate aim at Royvon where we understand the biggest treat your dog can have is more quality time with you. While on-site with us at Royvon, we have full control of the environment, enabling us to remove distractions while your dog is learning and then introduce additional challenges to the training environment in a controlled manner.


Our Behaviour Modification Programme has been created to give dogs the confidence and training they need to work on sensitisation and focus. When a dog is sensitive to a situation, they are distracted and insecure, whether that is owing to their history, their genetics or their environment. By working with them on desensitisation, a dog becomes more comfortable in their surroundings, building trust with humans and ultimately learning to focus on what is asked of them because they learn that will reap more rewards!

Alternatively, our residential dog training appeals to those seeking a Board & Train option while they are on holiday. Many of our dogs are repeat visitors, working on their obedience skills and enjoying a break at Royvon on a Board & Train basis. The programme your dog will follow is based on your requirements and your dog’s needs.


Dog-hotel style accommodation

Over the intense three-week period, we work with your dog every day, balancing training time with relaxation and socialising with other dogs, where appropriate. When it comes to down time, our award-winning dog-hotel style accommodation is a great place for your dog to unwind and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Our dog training & boarding sites in Esher, Surrey, South-East England and Merthyr Tydfil, Wales are licensed, insured and secure.

Our fantastic, experienced team is on-site 24 hours a day to make sure that each dog in our care is happy, safe and healthy. In an emergency, our staff are trained in dog first aid and any health issues are picked up quickly and dealt with by a vet when required. Most importantly, our team love dogs and will make sure your dog receives the affection and reassurance they need while they are away from their family.

While your dog is training and relaxing with us, the team will have a special WhatsApp group with you, uploading daily videos to update you on their latest achievements in training and to reassure you on their well-being. We find this not only helps owners to understand what their dog has been learning so that they can continue the programme at home but is also very useful to help younger family members who are missing their faithful friend to know that they are happy and well at Royvon.

What happens after residential dog training?

One of our favourite moments at Royvon is seeing the joy of the owner and dog reuniting after a three-week stay with us. As well as the happiness of being back together, your dog will be proud to demonstrate their new skills to you at pick-up handover. Each residential dog training programme ends with a thorough explanation of what your dog has learned and how to continue the development at home.

The months following your dog’s stay at Royvon are essential to embed their learning. After your dog’s intense learning period with us, it is your turn as the owner to focus on training. We will provide all the support you need to set you up for success and build on their new skills. The level of input will vary depending on the requirements of you and your dog. A younger dog may only need three or four follow-up sessions of owner training whereas an owner with an older dog may find it helpful to take advantage of the full 12 weeks of support we offer following a residential training stay.


The Royvon Way – ‘The Way You Treat Your Dog’

Royvon has been at the forefront of obedience and behavioural management training since 1959. Passed down through three family generations, we have vast experience with all breeds and temperaments of dogs. We dismiss any practice that involves force and recognise that a motivated dog with a deep bond of trust with their owner is far more likely to succeed in training than one that is fearful. Our residential dog training programme has been developed over decades, influenced by the latest scientific research and the time we spend with dogs, to provide the very best combination of care and development.

Our slogan is the perfect summary of our residential dog training programme. We treat your dog with respect and care; unlock the motivation to succeed in training through treats such as food, toys and praise and a stay in our hotel-style accommodation is a treat in itself. Countless reviews from happy customers mention how much their dogs have enjoyed their time with us – dogs love the stimulation of training that is tailored to them, it really is like an active holiday!

Getting the help you need

With positive input, effective training and consistency, your dog can be taken to more places, enjoy more activities and live a happier life alongside you. We have endless success stories with residential dog training and can help you to understand what you can expect your dog to achieve during a stay with us, regardless of how insurmountable their issues may feel at this moment.

Owning a dog with behavioural issues can be very stressful and worrying, it can start to dominate family-time and in the worst-case scenarios we see dogs having to stay at home more than they should or never being allowed off-lead. Dropping them off at Royvon can feel like a huge relief to know you have taken a major step to changing your situation, and the lives of your dog and your family. Coupled with this, the luxury care and first-class training they will receive means you don’t need to feel guilty about leaving your dog behind, or making the most of the three week period and booking a holiday for yourselves too.

We have dog training programmes to suit all needs and budgets. If residential dog training is not for you, we offer non-residential options too. You can find details on this website, give us a call or send a message to our enthusiastic team who will always listen to what you would like to achieve with an open mind and without judgement. We will help to devise a tailored solution and give advice on where to start.

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