Dog Playhouse Bridgend

Introducing a dog boarding and daycare concept in Bridgend, Wales, with as much enthusiastic energy as your dog!

If your dog loves being active, making new friends, playing and relaxing, then Royvon Playhouse is the perfect option for boarding. Royvon Playhouse, at Bridgend in Wales, is unlike other dog boarding centres and kennels. With a large, secure site, Playhouse offers free flow, weatherproof play spaces, calm sleeping areas and an all-inclusive, easy to budget cost./span>

Dog Playhouse Bridgend

Royvon Playhouse in Bridgend offers positive, force-free Dog Training, fun-filled daycare and all-inclusive boarding. The environment has been created specifically for dogs to have fun, with large play spaces indoors and outdoors, toys, obstacles, comfy chill spot and sensory areas to suit the play personality of all of our visitors.

Active dog boarding for playful pups

Whether your dog is with us for day care or boarding, the amount of time they can choose to play in whatever way they love is what sets us apart from other dog care options. In a safe and comfortable environment, amongst staff who all love dogs, your dog can play to their heart’s content. No waiting around in a van for their turn, no skipped walkies, no lack of human and dog socialising and attention. Throughout the day, your dog gets to choose what they like the look of in the indoor and outdoor paddocks, whether it’s a good sniff around, a nap on a sofa, a splash in the pool (selected hot days), a run in the rain, a cosy cuddle in the dry, or all of the above!

Site Tours and Assessments

We love to welcome visitors to look around Royvon and see what we get up to. As the play is free flow at Royvon Playhouse, visits cannot include your dog in the first instance. For your dog to stay with us, we will need to carry out an assessment to check play suitability. For dogs who can’t relax in a group play situation, we can then discuss how we can help to care for them in a way that still offers plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Safety and Security at Royvon Playhouse Bridgend

To ensure the safety and security of all residents and guests, we operate an ‘appointment only’ visiting system. Together with ID checks on arrival, this ensures only the right people come into the secure Royvon grounds.

The entrance to Royvon Playhouse in Bridgend is secure and staff on-site, even through night shifts, mean that your dog is never alone. Once your dog has arrived and is settling in, they won’t notice the CCTV or alarm systems we have in place, but it is extra reassurance for you, and us, that they are in a safe environment.

Royvon Dog Training & Hotels
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Really disappointed in the training provided by Royvon. Our dog still isn’t walking on a lead properly and still barks at people. They got her clicker trained to an extent with treats and but this hasn’t really improved her behaviour and we expected that on their ‘behaviour modification programme’. Total waste of money at £2500. Will try and recover through small claims court
My 1 year old Newfoundland Navy has been to Royvon for the 3 week residential training twice and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Her trainer Charlie was patient, persistent and informative throughout the process. Navy previously struggled with over-excitability, stubbornness and poor impulse control but now she is like a new dog. Charlie was not phased by Navy’s strength and stubbornness and through the training has redirected her excitability into concentration on me rather than everything else. I couldn’t be more grateful to Charlie and the team at Royvon for taking care of and training my Navy.
Amazing again. My dog was so cared for and loved, I'm so grateful to everyone. My dog was so happy here, and Tilly takes the most amazing photos of my dog too! Very reassuring to see my dog so happy when I'm far away. My dog loved the staff, especially Tilly, thank you to all of you. Will definitely book Royvon Esher again.
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely review Jenny. We will pass on your praise to Charlie too.
Fantastic experience with Royvon and Romeo who has spent six weeks showing me how to connect better with my two retrievers and teach them better behaviour through positive reinforcement. Thank you very much for such a rewarding experience for both me and my dogs.
Our reactive dog had an amazing stay at Royvon for her residential training. Romeo is a fantastic trainer, who explains things clearly and has a great rapport with the dogs.
I left my young border collie here for a month as I had to go away and could not be happier with the service and treatment. The highlight of my day was checking the website to see the daily updates with videos and pictures of my little girl, often accompanied by a description of how the training sessions went and how she was doing in general. My dog is quite a shy distrustful dog so I was terrified of leaving her with anyone outside of my family, I did some research and although Royvon was over an hour drive from me, it was by far the best I could have hoped for in the South East. My dog had so much positive growth and made some strong bonds with the trainers and I was so impressed by the trust she showed in them in the videos, it made me feel truly peaceful whilst I kissed her so much and if you are worried about leaving your dog in boarding, I don't think there is any other place that would put your mind at ease the way Royvon did for me and my partner. Emails always got replied to very quickly the same day if I had any questions or worries and I even added extra training in whilst away as I saw how well it was going. Special thanks to Charlie for going above and beyond with personal email messages and extra long videos being personally emailed to me to help teach me about the best ways to keep improving the confidence and happiness of my dog. I won't consider another boarding service for the future. Thank you.
Romeo has been amazing, working with us to manage and improve the anxious aggressive behaviour of our much loved dog and to build his confidence with other dogs and also humans. Romeo is so knowledgeable and loves dogs so all his advice and training is based on positive reinforcement and commitment to training. Nothing has been too much trouble for him and he has done everything possible. We have seen really good improvements since we started the training and now we have the structure and tools to continue that work. Romeo, Ioana and all the team at Royvon are always brilliant with our little anxious daxie both when he stays and with training and we would always recommend them to anyone with an anxious dog or any dog for that matter!
Response from the owner: What a lovely review, we will make sure Romeo receives your shining feedback. Thank you for taking the time to post your great comments.
Well Duchess( BELGIUM SHEPHERD) has just spent the last three weeks on a residential training course and what a difference!! Kelsey the trainer put a lot of love and effort into making Duchess feel at home.I received a daily written report and videos which were very informative and well presented, this will help me reference certain points of the training that I can progress with Duchess at home.The course is expensive but I recommend it to give your dog a solid foundation..... Duchess seemed to really enjoy her stay and was well looked after.The staff at Esher are amazing and friendly. I give top marks to Kelsey and her training abilities and the for all the other staff that helped out.THANK YOU
What a great team at Royvon! They made such great progress helping our anxious & reactive German shepherd feel more confident around other dogs. His trainer Romeo also helped him overcome his general anxiety & reactivity and sent us daily video & photo updates which I was looking forward to every day! Huge thanks to the team & especially Romeo!There is still a long way to go since Freddie is still scared of not so friendly dogs and struggles to settle but it's a huge difference to when he started the program and we were given a way to manage it.Update: 3 months later I can't thank the team and especially Romeo enough! Thanks for going above & beyond with the follow up sessions!Freddie loves going back to Royvon for refresher sessions when we go on holiday. When I'm not quick enough turning the sound off on social media posts he excitedly runs around the house looking for Romeo & his carers 😄💕
Response from the owner: Thank you for your honest and positive review. Training is a lifetime activity and Freddie is fortunate to have a family who is helping him so much and will continue to train with him.
Our Romanian rescue, Bobo, had separation anxiety & was wary of strangers pre-Royvon. I was so anxious to leave her but whenever she boards, we receive loads of photos/videos and can clearly see she’s having the time of her life. I knew our pup had a big heart & a lot of love to give, but she was struggling to do so outside of her immediate family. Until now!Our rescue is a different pup now & wags her tail & runs into Royvon without even looking back!Massive thank you to Tilly & the team ⭐️ would 100% recommend.
Romeo at Royvon has been fantastic at caring for our reactive dog. He has been patient and has provided professional training during her stay. We were kept updated each day on progress and what she was up to, which put our minds at rest. Our dog will definitely be returning and continuing her training at Royvon.
Snowy needed to build confidence and be exposed to dogs, people and traffic as she was a rescue and had sadly missed out on those critical early months of socialisation. We had tried lots of training historically, some during Covid, lots of one to ones, and whilst we had seen improvement we still felt that she was missing out on her best life as we had to carefully manage where we went and who we met. In a last ditch attempt, following months of research, we came across Royvon and decided to do a 1 hour assessment to see how she got on with Romeo, the trainer. Including the training it was almost a 7 hour round trip and so the only way it would work would be if she did the 3 week residential training. We were concerned as she had been abused as a puppy and was so happy and committed with us, that we didn’t want her to be uncomfortable but we felt it was worth it to give her a better life.Anyway that was 3 weeks ago, and I have been bereft without her and initially was concerned as to how she was getting on. But I have had regular feedback with daily photos of her in group play. In addition Romeo has been sending 2 or 3 videos each day showing me how she was progressing, and showing how engaged she has been.I picked her up today and we had a 2 hour session with Romeo, walking her around the local shops, past people and dogs, across and along busy roads, all situations that 3 weeks ago we would have avoided at all costs! She was calm and confident. And since getting home she is much calmer and less reactive to noises around her. We just need to work on me now! 🤣 for me the hard work now begins.I have a follow up next week and so let’s see if I can pass the Romeo test! 🤣All joking apart, I honestly cannot recommend Royvon and in particular Romeo enough. It is very clear that they all love dogs and it is not just a business but they really care about the dogs in terms of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Here is to Snowy now living her best life!Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
The Royvon team is fantastic! In just three weeks, Charlie has had a profound impact on my Working Cocker Spaniel, Sadie. Beyond her recall now being much better and far more consistent, her overall obedience, focus and appetite for training have also all notably improved. Charlie has been very clear and communicative throughout, with thorough notes and reference videos to refer back to, plus comprehensive hand-over and follow-up sessions. Her expert insight into working breeds has been so helpful. Most importantly, Sadie clearly adores Charlie and the wider Royvon team and loved her stay with them.
From the first time we used Royvon, it is evident that they care about dogs and their wellbeing and comfort. I won’t use any other kennels for my boy! Lots of activities and interactions with other dogs make a Royvon stay memorable for him.
Leo have been going to Royvon a few times a year for 4 years now and 3 Christmas. He has separation anxiety and can be anxious around new people and dogs. We have the ultimate peace of mind when we need to travel knowing that he’s at Royvon. We really appreciate the daily photos and the staff always updates us on how he is settling in. Thank you again to all the team for taking such great care of him!
Max our Newfoundland had an absolutely fabulous stay at Royvon, Esher Thurs 25 April to Mon 29 April 2024. The staff were brilliant and we could tell she'd been really well looked after. We'd have no hesitation in recommending Royvon to others.
Romeo was amazing with our border collie! The training has made a big difference for us and the changes were noticeable immediately on building both ours and our dog’s confidence.
From my initial telephone conversation of enquiry with Darren, through to the attended assessment with behaviourist Mimi, I felt an enormous sense of ease and comfort that my dog’s needs were going to be met and my own anxieties alleviated. My confidence is such that I have now booked Mimi for a home visit, to work through separation issues, and also two residential reservations, for holiday cover later in the year, with behavioural training and supplementary ‘add ons’ to enhance my dog’s stay.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your great review of the information and connection you have had so far with the team. It's wonderful to hear the difference the assessment made for you and we look forward to seeing the results of all your hard work in training throughout the year ahead!
Really pleased with the care and training received for our fur baby Claud. His reactivity with other dogs was greatly improved after the 3 week birding program.Have already recommended to friends.
David Foster