Exquisitely tucked away amongst acres of native woodland, our Esher location is a relaxing retreat for your dogs 



A real home away from home!

At Royvon Esher, we have the rare advantage of having the best of both worlds when it comes to location! Being located just outside of London means we have amazing transport links alongside a bustling town centre. However, we are also surrounded by natural beauty. The surrounding woodland enables lots of off-site activities for our guests to have fun and experience new things! Our Esher facility is bustling and has a big team, to make sure every individual need of our guests is catered for. Plus, security is of the utmost importance. We have many added systems, such as CCTV and ANPR access, to give you added peace of mind.




At Royvon Esher’s facility on the Surrey-London border, your dog is sure to have an exciting holiday just like you! You can be rest assured that they’re receiving expert care and attention from our team trained staff who are all passionate about dogs! We are extremely proud of our dog boarding and training facilities in Esher. They include 2 large, secure play paddocks, hotel-style accommodation for all sizes and breeds, and a luxury dog spa with grooming and wellbeing services.

We have a high staff to dog ratio and provide 24/7 onsite supervision. Your dogs can also enjoy walks in the wonderful nearby woodlands, meet new friends, and engage in so many activities!

Royvon Esher offers a choice of standard or hotel accommodation to suit a range of needs, lifestyles and budgets. All of our rooms are attached to a secured outside run that the dogs can access throughout the day. You can even bring your dog’s toys to create a real home away from home and ease any nerves.


Caring for our guests is our number one priority at Royvon Esher! So, we make sure every dog receives around the clock attention and the greatest levels of care. We know that the needs of every dog are different. As a result, we provide bespoke programmes for every guest. From their feeding routine and medications, to emotional and socialisation support, we care for your dog like they’re our own. We also try to keep to their normal daily routine as closely as possible, so they don’t miss you too much! Also, we feel it’s important that you’re connected to your dog’s enjoyment. Plus, you might be missing them! So, we upload daily pictures onto our Facebook page so you know what they’re getting up to.


Like humans, dogs are much healthier and happier when they get enough mental and physical exercise! So, we make sure to offer various activity packages to all of our guests at Royvon Esher. We have a dedicated team responsible for carrying out our guests’ daily activity programmes. They will know everything they need to know about your dog’s health and wellbeing, to give your dog the maximum benefit from their activity!



1 Dog Rate 2 Dog Rate 3 Dog Rate
Classic boarding
(Standard room with one 30 minute group play session)
£34 £51 £68
Classic boarding for reactive dogs
(Standard room with individual 30 minute walk)
£46 £69 £92
Additional group £5.40 per day £5.40 per day £5.40 per day
Additional walk with dedicated carer £9 per day £9 per day £9 per day
Dog training session £18 per day £36 per day £54 per day
Mental Enrichment and Stimulation Session £11 £22 £33
Bath £15 £30 £45
Executive room £20 £30 £40



Chief Dog’s Body
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Head Trainer
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Puppy Trainer
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Business Development Manager
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Care Team Manager
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Pet Sitter / Care Team Member
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Care Team Supervisor
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Pet Taxi Driver
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We know that leaving your dog in the care of another person is a big deal and can be daunting! Every one of the team at Royvon Esher are dog parents and are emotionally connected with their dogs in the same way as our customers. So, we really do “get it”.

When looking for the best people to care for your precious dog, there are a few ways to get peace of mind. One way could be checking them out online and looking at customer reviews. We still recommend you do this. But, in our opinion, the best way to make a personal judgement is to see the facility yourself, meet the team that will be caring for your dog, and even go as far as arranging one or two trial taster sessions before you take your holiday! Following this advice may sound like a bit of hassle. But, we promise that it will give you peace of mind in the long run. So, you can relax and chill out knowing your dog is in good hands.




It’s not uncommon for sons to follow in their father’s footsteps. Here’s the story of a family who has established a great reputation as experts in the dog training and boarding world!

From 1954 Will John taught his son Roy all there was to know about German Shepherds. In the early days, it was a hobby, but after Roy met his wife-to-be Yvonne, they decided to turn their hobby into a business. In 1959 Royvon was born! They both shared the love and admiration of the German Shepherd breed, judging all over the world. Together they developed the facility in the South Wales valleys that was Royvon’s founding location.

The Royvon story isn’t all joy and triumph, as in 1981 there was a tragic car accident where Yvonne and son Darren were seriously injured and Roy lost his life at just 43 years of age. The years that followed were understandably extremely hard for the family and the Royvon business suffered as a result. The extent nearly led to bankruptcy but the family’s love of passion for each other and their dogs was the saviour and Royvon was to triumph once again.

Darren was only 9 when the accident happened. However, his father instilled the passion for the business in him. As a result, Roy’s legacy lived on through Darren, Yvonne, and many associates that held Roy in such high regard. Darren often talks about the support he received from ‘dog people’ who constantly told him stories about how respected his father was and how great a ‘dog man’ he was.

A child being responsible for a German Shepherd is a big deal but Darren’s mam was sure that Darren was responsible enough to get his very own at 10 years old! On 25th December 1982, a puppy who’s name turned out to be ‘Merry’ (Merry Christmas) ran through the Royvon house straight to Darren and from that day onwards they were best friends.

Merry wasn’t a regular German Shepherd puppy she had the best German lines as Roy & Yvonne importing the best Germany had to offer and went to win top honours in both the show ring and obedience competitions.  The two were inseparable, only by school – but all other times were playing together and learning in preparation for the weekend’s competitions. Who was to know that these events were the basis for Darren’s lifetime successful career in dog training?

Developing the business

The entrepreneur in Roy was embedded in his son Darren. Every aspect of Royvon life excited him, and he had the drive to push the business to become as successful as possible. In this case, success means helping as many dog owners as possible to resolve the challenges they face with their dogs behaviours! Darren made a conscious effort in his 20s to develop the business and employ trainers at his level so that more people can learn of the knowledge that had been gained from his father and his father before him.

Darren started off by practicing his dog training skills as a teenage boy on dogs staying at Royvon’s boarding kennels. It turned out that owners were literally ‘over the moon’  about what a young lad could do to turn their dog into a fully trained pooch while they were away on holiday!

It was soon established by Darren that it was owner training that was really needed for well-trained dogs, so that’s where his efforts were diverted so that the programme could be as helpful as possible to Royvon’s customers. Darren’s drive was even more fueled by large numbers of dog owners travelling the length and breadth of the country so that their dogs could go through the Royvon programme. 

Royvon Today

Nowadays, Royvon has expanded from the first location in Merthyr Tydfil, to include sites in Warwickshire and Surrey. And now, technology allows owners to have a totally transparent experience. All the work we do with our guests is online and available for owners to see their dog’s progress. Online training is also available for owners to learn virtually while our expert trainers work with their dogs, opening our method up to even more people. 

Although tragedy had such an impact in the Royvon story, the story is a happy one with much love and passion to the life that we have been given. Dogs make many families happy and the Royvon family is one that will always be indebted to the love that has been received by our dogs over the years.

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