Name: Mimi Stevens

Role at Royvon: Residential trainer, 1-2-1s and Puppy trainer

Qualifications: Diploma in Animal Welfare. DipHE in Canine behaviour and psychology. Working with and providing love and care for dogs for nearly 10 years, of all sizes and shapes and a vast variety of behavioural challenges and individual needs. Trainer for nearly 5 years. 

Dog super-power: Building bonds and confidence with dogs, understanding what best suits your dog and how to use this for the best training and relationships.   

First dog: Buffy the Lakeland Terrier, Still full of sass and cheekiness in true terrier style, but now being an excellent gentle nanny to children and puppies as she gets older and slowly calmer. 

Favourite thing about dogs: Working in rescue and rehoming has shown me that dogs are incredible at loving and sharing a life alongside humans, even if they need a little time to remember how. I love to help them in that journey to building trust and having a fulfilling and loving life! The bonds and relationships that they have the ability to build with owners amazes me, and the fact they are such adoring creatures, so I enjoy giving them some adoration back!

Learning about how they communicate and how we can understand them better. I love to sit and watch them explore the world and see how they interact with it and each other. Training is an excellent way to join in with how they see the world and become a fun, enriching part of their experience.

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