Name: Fletcher Fenner

Role at Royvon: Residential trainer, 1-2-1s and Puppy trainer

Fletcher is a trainer at Royvon who specialises in puppies, gundogs and working dogs. Growing up around many different breeds of dogs, Fletcher has so much first-hand experience of living with all kinds of personalities, from a Chihuahua to a working Labrador.

Fletcher now has his own Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla and the gundog working tests he does with his own dog inform and enrich the training he does at Royvon. Together they have high aims over the coming years and the bond they have through the lifetime commitment of training is a perfect example of why we place training at the heart of the dog-owner relationship.

IMDT-trained in dog to human aggression, puppy courses and working towards his full IMDT trainer qualifications, Fletcher’s energy and enthusiasm for dog training is evident to everyone who works with him, whether it’s a dog or their owner.

Fletcher loves being a committed part of the team: “Everyday is different and rewarding. I love helping owners and dogs to achieve their training goals. Working with a variety of dog breeds is always great as they have such different personalities.”

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