Puppy Trainer


Charlie is the new puppy trainer at Royvon. She has worked part-time with the care team for over a year, spending the majority of her time exercising the dogs in our care. She realised her particular interest in dogs when her family bought a puppy Doberman Pinscher, Quinn, almost five years ago.

“Whilst I’ve grown up around dogs living with Quinn made me realise how intelligent and complex dogs really are. This endeavoured me to want to learn more about dogs and their behaviour which made me realise my ambition to work with them, which led me to Royvon.”

Charlie has studied canine care, behaviour, psychology and puppy socialisation and has a desire to learn more through up to date learning resources, additional courses and IMDT programs, with the aim of becoming IMDT registered.

As a puppy trainer, she knows the importance of teaching positive behaviours and good manners as soon as possible. Using fun learning games, correcting the right behaviours and proper socialisation from a young age will help them to grow up into confident, motivated and happy dogs.

She believes by having both a scientific and compassionate understanding of the dog’s mind and with the use of positive and fun training techniques that focus on rewards and utilising a dog’s natural instincts, is the key to gaining a strong bond and a mutually beneficial relationship with our dogs.

“To be able to make a real positive change in both dogs and owners lives is what inspired me to become a trainer. As a pet owner, I understand how important dogs are to their family and I’m dedicated to giving the best care and learning experience I can to the puppies and dogs at Royvon.”


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