Charlie is a trainer at Royvon who specialises in puppies and adolescent dogs. She is passionate about using play, games and fun to motivate and build confidence. She has a Boxer x American Bulldog and a Doberman in the family which has given her first hand experience in how important it is to provide appropriate simulation and activity. This also means she has a soft spot for working and sporting breeds that match her energy and enthusiasm!

She originally worked with the care team for over a year, spending the majority of her time exercising and playing with with the dogs in our care. Realising her dedication and enthusiasm for training she was soon recruited full time onto the training team.

Charlie has studied canine care, behaviour, psychology and puppies extensively, receiving distinction grades. She is continuing to study further and is on her way to becoming an IMDT registered trainer.

As a puppy trainer, she knows the importance of teaching positive behaviours and good manners as soon as possible. Charlie knows that fun learning games, rewarding wanted behaviours and good socialisation from a young age will help them to grow up into confident, motivated and happy dogs.
She believes having both a scientific and compassionate understanding of the dog’s mind and using positive reinforcement that focuses on reward and utilising a dog’s natural instincts, is the key to gaining a strong bond and a mutually beneficial relationship with our dogs.

“To be able to make a real positive change in both dogs and owners lives is what inspired me to become a trainer. As a pet owner, I understand how important dogs are to their family. I’m dedicated in teaching enriching and reward based training so that our puppy and dog owners can have the best experience possible with their companion .”

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