Stop Dog Aggression with Our Effective Aggressive Dog Training

Here at Royvon, we’ve seen first-hand how much dog owners love their pets! Of course, you want the best for them. But, being a dog owner isn’t always smooth sailing. Some dogs can have issues with aggression. Whether this is dog to dog aggression, aggression towards strangers, possessions, or even the family, it can be a really stressful situation. That’s why we’re here to help with our aggressive dog training programmes that can transform your pooch’s life!


Need Help With an Aggressive Dog?

Here at Royvon, we’ve seen first-hand how much dog owners love their pets! Of course, you want the best for them. But, being a dog owner isn’t always smooth sailing. Some dogs can have issues with aggression. Whether this is dog to dog aggression, aggression towards strangers, possessions, or even the family, it can be a really stressful situation. That’s why we’re here to help with our aggressive dog training programmes that can transform your pooch’s life! We know that you know how lovely your dog can be. You just want them to stop being aggressive, so you can take them outside without fear of what they may do, and enjoy them to their full potential. Our programmes are here to help stop dog aggression and make this dream a reality!


Why Royvon

Royvon has been a family business for over 60 years! And, in the last 20 years or so we have made a conscious effort to develop our programmes to help with aggressive dogs. We understand the personal anguish of loving your dog so much, but having to deal with the upset of them being aggressive towards you, other dogs, or people in your community. And, we don’t want you to have to consider living your life without your dog any more than you do! That’s why we’re dedicated to using our years of experience to help dogs and families just like yours. 

Our knowledge and methods show us that most dog aggression stems from fear of some kind. However, every dog is different and there are a number of reasons why your dog may be exhibiting aggressive behaviours. We’ll work with them to create a tailored programme to help stop dog aggression, whether it’s dog to dog or dog to human aggression. 

Types of Aggression

Dog to dog aggression. Thisis the most common type of aggression that we help our customers combat. Usually, there are specific circumstances where a dog displays such behaviour. It’s very common for dogs to be ok with certain types of dogs but not others, or behave well on a lead but terribly off-lead. Our programmes are here to help you overcome this, whatever your situation!

Dog to people aggression. Usually, this is due to a lack of proper socialisation as a puppy. The most common situation occurs when a puppy is still young and unsure of people, so they react in a negative way. This may cause embarrassment, leading to owners avoiding such situations in the future, which can often unknowingly make the problem worse! This is a particularly common trait in certain guarding breeds, such as German Shepherds.


Other Situations

Another common situation is where the dog has learned that it’s ok to show aggression when they don’t want something to happen or don’t want something taken away. Again, this situation is often present due to the uninformed owner allowing it to happen- but don’t worry, we can help rectify it with our aggressive dog training programmes!

However your dog may behave, it doesn’t mean that it’s your fault as an owner! Whether your dog came to you as a puppy, or later in life, steps can be taken to help! It just means you didn’t know the significance of allowing certain behaviours and what would the long term outcomes would be. But we are not here to judge you and your dog. We are just here to help you move forward!

Our Programme to Stop Dog to Dog Aggression and Much More!

Our aggressive dog training comes in the form of our Behaviour Modification Programme, and it aims to build your dog’s confidence and reduce aggressive behaviours. We will design a unique training plan based on the individual requirements of your dog. There are two phases to the programme, detailed below/ 

Step One

An intensive 21-day training programme for your pooch. Our behaviourists are specialists in supporting dogs with fear or anxiety (that often leads to aggression), and they will work with your dog on an individual basis. Each day, we will assess your dog’s results from the previous day to decide on the next steps to take. We will work at your dog’s pace, as it’s crucial that we provide an opportunity to advance, but not too many big steps are taken at once, to achieve the best results. We aim to advance in two main areas:

Desensitising: We desensitize the dogs so that they feel differently about the problem, for example, other dogs in the case of dog to dog aggression. For example, if your dog arrives and is a 9 out of 10 on a scale of aggressiveness, we will work to reduce this to 1 or 2. With some younger dogs, this can even be reduced to 0!

Trust: Our trainers will also work to stop dog aggression by teaching your dog to trust them and follow cues. The outcome when they learn to follow cues correctly is, the situation has passed and the dog has enjoyed the rewards that come with behaving well! The dogs learn that they don’t need to make difficult decisions themselves- just follow the trainer (and eventually owner) and all will be ok!


Step Two

2. Owner training is the next part of the programme but is equally important. Our methods are based on positive rewards-based training. The dog chooses whether to listen or not, so it can take longer to learn- but the results are far better! It’s more rewarding for the owners and better for the dogs. Your owner training takes place via a 2-hour session on departure day for your dog. You are then welcome to take part in as many further owner training sessions on a Saturday or Sunday as you wish!

After this, you will need to be proactive in your approach for the first month. Subsequently, you can decide if more aggressive dog training is needed, or if you are happy with your new level of knowledge! Usually, those with younger dogs rarely need further training, but some owners decide they need further support. There is no shame in whatever you choose!

We know how isolating it can feel to have the dog of your dreams turn into an aggressive one. So, we will stop at nothing to ensure you are supported and able to manage your dog safely and effectively, so the whole family can enjoy them! Please give us a call today to discuss our programme, your individual needs, or to book an assessment!

Take the Step & Transform Your Life Today!

Not convinced that this is the right programme for your dog? Simply check out our video case studies below to see many nervous, anxious, and aggressive dogs that we have helped!

You may feel helpless to stop dog aggression, and feel like it’s impossible. We promise that it’s not! Royvon’s proven aggressive dog training methods will allow you to live a happy life with your dog. Our experience has shown us that no matter how your dog is behaving now, it doesn’t have to stay this way! In fact, our training programmes can help you avoid even bigger problems in the future, as well as allowing you and your dog to have a more harmonious relationship today. Our Behaviour Modification Programme will take you from a person who was completely limited in where they could go and what they could do with their dog, to someone with a happy family pet who can be taken anywhere! 

What are you waiting for? If you’re in need of training to help stop dog to dog aggression, dog to person aggression, possessive aggression, or more, give us a call today! 


The Royvon Story

It’s not uncommon for sons to follow in their father’s footsteps. Here’s the story of a family who has established a great reputation as experts in the dog training and boarding world!

From 1954 Will John taught his son Roy all there was to know about German Shepherds. In the early days, it was a hobby, but after Roy met his wife-to-be Yvonne, they decided to turn their hobby into a business. In 1959 Royvon was born! They both shared the love and admiration of the German Shepherd breed, judging all over the world. Together they developed the facility in the South Wales valleys that was Royvon’s founding location.

The Royvon Story Tragedy

The Royvon story isn’t all joy and triumph, as in 1981 there was a tragic car accident where Yvonne and son Darren were seriously injured and Roy lost his life at just 43 years of age. The years that followed were understandably extremely hard for the family and the Royvon business suffered as a result. The extent nearly led to bankruptcy but the family’s love of passion for each other and their dogs was the saviour and Royvon was to triumph once again.

Darren was only 9 when the accident happened. However, his father instilled the passion for the business in him. As a result, Roy’s legacy lived on through Darren, Yvonne, and many associates that held Roy in such high regard. Darren often talks about the support he received from ‘dog people’ who constantly told him stories about how respected his father was and how great a ‘dog man’ he was.


Meet Merry

A child being responsible for a German Shepherd is a big deal but Darren’s mum was sure that Darren was responsible enough to get his very own at 10 years old! On 25th December 1982, a puppy who’s name turned out to be ‘Merry’ (Merry Christmas) ran through the Royvon house straight to Darren and from that day onwards they were best friends.

Merry wasn’t a regular German Shepherd puppy she had the best German lines as Roy & Yvonne importing the best Germany had to offer and went to win top honours in both the show ring and obedience competitions.  The two were inseparable, only by school – but all other times were playing together and learning in preparation for the weekend’s competitions. Who was to know that these events were the basis for Darren’s lifetime successful career in dog training?

Developing the Royvon Story

The entrepreneur in Roy was embedded in his son Darren. Every aspect of Royvon life excited him, and he had the drive to push the business to become as successful as possible. In this case, success means helping as many dog owners as possible to resolve the challenges they face with their dogs behaviours! Darren made a conscious effort in his 20s to develop the business and employ trainers at his level so that more people can learn of the knowledge that had been gained from his father and his father before him.

Darren started off by practicing his dog training skills as a teenage boy on dogs staying at Royvon’s boarding kennels. It turned out that owners were literally ‘over the moon’  about what a young lad could do to turn their dog into a fully trained pooch while they were away on holiday!

It was soon established by Darren that it was owner training that was really needed for well-trained dogs, so that’s where his efforts were diverted so that the programme could be as helpful as possible to Royvon’s customers. Darren’s drive was even more fueled by large numbers of dog owners travelling the length and breadth of the country so that their dogs could go through the Royvon programme. 


Royvon Today

Nowadays, Royvon has expanded from the first location in Merthyr Tydfil, to include a site in Surrey. And now, technology allows owners to have a totally transparent experience. All the work we do with our guests is online and available for owners to see their dog’s progress. Online training is also available for owners to learn virtually while our expert trainers work with their dogs, opening our method up to even more people.

Although tragedy had such an impact in the Royvon story, the story is a happy one with much love and passion to the life that we have been given. Dogs make many families happy and the Royvon family is one that will always be indebted to the love that has been received by our dogs over the years.

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