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At Royvon, we know that you see your dog as a big part of the family! Many dog owners love being hands-on when training their pups as a result. Training them is a real achievement, whether they have difficult behaviours or just need to learn a few manners! However, we know that it’s not always easy. So, we offer 1-2-1 training in Merthyr Tydfil to help you along.

Often, quite a few worries come with training your dog. Am I doing it correctly? What advice and information is right? How do I make sure my dog won’t have more problems later on? Your dog needs training, and you’re eager to help them, but you feel like you simply don’t have enough knowledge. We know that this can be very frustrating. But, personalised help can have many benefits for you and your dog. Why not help us to help you make the best choice for everyone, and turn them into a dog to be proud of!



We provide 1-2-1 training in Merthyr Tydfil to help as many dog owners as we can have a better relationship with and more enjoyment from their dogs! Our whole team knows that everyone’s circumstances are unique. And that’s exactly why 1-2-1 training can be so beneficial! Your trainer will listen to what you need, and provide a completely personalised plan to help you and your pup achieve your goals!

But why choose Royvon for your 1-2-1 training in Merthyr? Firstly, we are a third-generation family-run business with a host of qualified staff who are on hand to help you. In fact, our Merthyr location is the original one, where it all started! So, we’ve got years of experience and heritage behind us to help us deliver proven results from our progressive training programmes. Furthermore, our reviews speak for themselves- take a look at them on Feefo below, Google, and Facebook!

We’re extremely passionate about training dogs. Our trainer Anna is here to help you with all of your needs, using positive, science-based methods to shape happy, healthy dogs and proud owners! She’ll work with you and your dog during your training, helping to transform them. She loves all types of dogs, and works with each one as an individual to get the best results for them.



We think that having a proven plan is the best way to achieve your dreams with 1-2-1 training! Want to learn more? Please enquire now, and we’d be happy to answer any initial questions you may have before we decide to meet face-to-face. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your needs, either over the phone or in person.

So, on our first meeting, we talk to you about what you want to get out of the 1-2-1 training, your circumstances, and more. Over the next few weeks, your trainer will become your very own personal coach. They’ll work with you and your pet to achieve the results you need. We normally recommend weekly sessions at our Merthyr facility with your coach, so you can get the most out of the training. Each session lasts for 45 minutes. This is enough time to keep everyone interested and happy to learn!

The amount of sessions and training you need will depend on owner commitment and motivation. After all, you’re the one who knows your dog best! So, you need to work with them to get the best results! Usually, we work with owners over a few months. After this time, their dogs are transformed, and there’s a stronger owner-dog bond as a result.

Royvon is here to support you to achieve your results, for a low standard cost. Plus, we carry out training on all seven days of the week. So, there’s sure to be a time available to suit your lifestyle! We’d love to support you on your journey to becoming a proud pet owner. Why not book your first session today and get it all started?



Our number one aim with our 1-2-1 training in Merthyr is to help you and your dog avoid training failure! You probably already know that if you don’t take the steps to change something about your dog’s behaviour, your situation will stay the same, whatever it may be. Maybe they simply misbehave in one or two situations, or they could be the sort of dog you simply can’t take anywhere! No matter your situation, our 1-2-1 training in Merthyr will help you find the right kind of success!

What dog owner doesn’t want a better relationship with their precious pup? With 1-2-1 training, you will get to know each other better. Our personalised plans are here to help you to bond! Our programmes help you become the pet parent you’ve always dreamed of being, and shape your dog into a loving family pet for everyone to be proud of!

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