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At Royvon, we know how much you love your dog. They’re definitely a big part of the family! But, most families do travel occasionally, for a holiday or family commitments. This sometimes means your beloved pet has to stay behind! This can cause a lot of worry, but it doesn’t have to. Royvon’s Dog Boarding in Merthyr Tydfil is here for you.

So, you have to leave your dog behind. There are a few possible solutions to this problem. You could ask a friend, a pet sitter, or another service to look after them. However, this never feels like quite the right option. You worry about things that could go wrong. Plus, you don’t know who is truly trustworthy, with the right experience and training. This leads to questions such as, what will happen to my dog in their care? How do I know they won’t let me down? What if I choose the wrong solution, and my time away is not the same as a result? You may feel helpless, torn between enjoying your holiday and wanting the very best for your dog. At Royvon, we understand all of these concerns. So, we work with you to make sure everyone is happy and has the peace of mind to enjoy their trip!



Often, the most stressful thing about finding the right care for your pup comes from leaving it a little too late! You’ve already booked your travel arrangements, and are hoping you can find that perfect solution last-minute. So, by having a reliable care provider in place ahead of your travels, you’ll often find that your worries are far reduced!

At Royvon, we want to be the solution you can provide for your family again and again. Being forced into making a decision about your dog’s care on the spot is never easy. So, we encourage all of our guest’s families to plan ahead as much as possible, so everyone is comfortable with us ahead of time.

Plus, you never know when a trip or an unexpected visit to a family member might be thrown on you at short notice! So, why not let us help you help your dog become ‘travel ready’ any time? Our qualified staff will care for your dog whenever you need, so you can worry less and avoid trying to find a last-minute solution you’re not totally comfortable with.


At Royvon Merthyr, we’re very proud of the service we offer. In fact,our guests tend to love their visits to Royvon! We want to help as many families as possible enjoy their time away, even without their pups, with our dog boarding in Merthyr Tydfil! We don’t think anyone should have to worry about any family members before you travel, including your dog! Everything should be about looking forward to the amazing trip that you’ve got coming up. But what about your pet? You want them to have fun too! For this very reason, we offer a huge range of activities to suit everyone throughout their stay, making sure that every dog in our care is physically and mentally stimulated every day.

We know that plenty of families worry about missing their pets when they’re away! So, we offer daily photo updates through our Facebook page so you know what they’ve been up to while you’re away. Our aim is to be 100% transparent. And, because our guests love staying at Royvon, we’re sure they’ll enjoy their break just as much as the human members of the family!

Are you worried because your dog is anxious? We understand that leaving your dog in the care of others can be daunting, especially if they’re not used to being away from home. Don’t worry, we feel the same way about leaving our own pets! That’s why we offer a stepped approach, to ease our more anxious guests into a longer stay. Plus, families with dogs on this programme receive personalised report cards, so they can keep an even closer eye on how their pet is doing.

We offer two different boarding packages at Royvon Merthyr. These are our standard Classic Dog Boarding option, and our new Concierge Dog Boarding option, which is perfect for those who’d like a few extra conveniences with their stay! This includes cuddles at bedtime and a door-to-door pet taxi on delivery and collection. Please get in touch today to discuss your needs.



We know that each dog is individual and will require different things from their dog boarding in Merthyr. If you have a particularly anxious dog, or simply aren’t sure about leaving them for boarding, we have a stepped approach to help everyone settle! Firstly, you can complete our Enquiry Form (link here), where you can ask any questions you wish, and we can advise on what we offer and quotations based on your needs. This is great as a first point of contact, so we can help with any initial questions or anxieties you may have.

Once your questions have been answered, we can support you to decide whether our Merthyr facility and team are the right fit for you and your dog. This usually starts with a phone call, but we would love for you to experience a face to face tour of our facility if you think it’s appropriate for you and your dog!

If you feel comfortable, we offer a complimentary taster session to help get your dog used to being with us. This may be a day care stay, or overnight boarding. We have various options to suit every dog and make sure we’re the right fit for your family. After your visit, you’ll receive a personalised report card to find out how your dog has done. Here, we may recommend more introductory stays to help your furry friend become more settled in our environment before your travel!

We find that our stepped approach is the most ideal way to introduce anxious or nervous dogs to a new environment. They can get used to us over a number of sessions and weeks. Our amazing team uses all of the best methods to help each individual settle in, which will totally depend on their needs! As a result, they’re more likely to enjoy their stay, so you can have peace of mind!



We’re a third-generation family business that’s passionate about dogs! And, our Merthyr location is the original, where it all began back in 1959. All of our Merthyr staff are professionally trained in dog care, with a mixture of external and internal training so we’re all on the same page. Plus, our whole team is behind you and your dog, no matter what their needs are. Furthermore our Managing Director, Darren (who was born and raised at Royvon Merthyr), is dedicated to staying ahead of the dog boarding game. He regularly carries out research and attends conferences in the US to learn about and share all of the latest findings in the dog care sector.

In our boarding and training practices, we use all the latest progressive and science based techniques and resources to make sure your pet is happy and healthy! Plenty of stimulating toys and equipment is always on hand for our staff and dogs to use, so you can guarantee your dog will be having just as much fun as you on holiday! Don’t believe us? Simply check out our reviews- they speak for themselves!

Royvon is here to help you find the right dog boarding solution for your family. Please get in touch today to discuss your needs. Everyone at Royvon would love to have your dog stay with us, and let you save the day by finding the right solution for the whole family!


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