French Bulldog Residential Dog Training

Originating from mid-19th-century France, French Bulldogs, commonly calledFrenchies, are a delightful blend of toy English bulldogs and Parisian ratters. Their distinctive large ears, small stature, and playful temperament have surged in popularity in the UK, even outpacing the English Bulldog. Training these unique pets with a professional is extremely important because they demand special attention during training due to their physical attributes.

Residential French BulldogTraining Based on Positive Reinforcement

Royvon Esher

At Royvon, we specialise in residential training for French Bulldogs, a charming breed known for its attentiveness and love for human interaction. While French Bulldogs generally train easily, their stubborn streak can sometimes create a challenge. Our expert trainers use effective positive reinforcement strategies to overcome this, understanding that French Bulldogs thrive in a nurturing environment.

French Bulldogs are eager to please, making training an enjoyable experience for both owner and pup. However, as sensitive pets, they can become disheartened when scolded. Consequently, our training approach emphasises abundant physical and verbal praises, with treats acting as powerful motivators.

Building a trustful, positive relationship is fundamental, as French Bulldogs respond exceptionally well to praise over scolding. By associating good behaviour with positive outcomes, French Bulldogs can fully utilise their training potential, evolving into balanced, well-behaved companions.

Socialisation is integral to our training, immersing your Frenchie in everyday scenarios to foster positive associations with familiar sights, sounds, and smells. We also guide puppies to develop appropriate social behaviour with other dogs, regardless of size.

Our two-phase residential programme tailors to your Frenchie’s needs. The first phase consists of three weeks of personalised training for new behavioural patterns, while the second phase includes three owner training sessions for up to three months to reinforce positive behaviour (conditions apply).Trust Royvon for your Frenchie’s training journey.

Time-Tested French Bulldog Training Methods

At Royvon, we have over 60 years of experience training dogs of all sizes. Over this time, we have developed solid behavioural, obedience and socialisation training concepts to maximise the learning potential of French Bulldogs. So, although they tend to be stubborn, we know how to connect with these clever, charming pooches.

Frenchies are cute, people-orientated dogs that thrive on positive reinforcement. Our time-tested French Bulldog training methods are known to help foster strong bonds between dog and owner. When on the programme, dogs quickly learn that jumping on people, pulling on a leash, or incessant barking are unrewarding behaviours; therefore, they quickly forget them.

Training is vital for a thriving, happy pup

We pride ourselves in taking a unique force-free dog training approach that boosts a puppy’s morale, confidence, and self-esteem. Unlike most of our competitors, we base our training on psychology rather than force, which is supported by many scientific studies.

The initial stage of French Bulldog training involves ensuring their eagerness to acquire new skills. Each time these cutiesdisplay trained mannerisms, wegive plenty of praise and treats and gradually incorporatethe use of a clicker to reinforce repeating the positive behaviour.

During the training, dogs learn consistent commands in diverse settings using treats as a reward. Gradually, treats are replaced by clicker training to minimise the risk of obesity in French Bulldogs – something they are prone to.

Maintaining a consistent and firm, yet force-free approach is vital when training a French Bulldog. Our trainers consistently enforce rules and reward dogs for good behaviour.

The good news is that French Bulldogs are known for their intelligence and ability to learn quickly. Therefore, training a French Bulldog to behave appropriately within a household setting is simple with consistent practice and persistence.

Results-Driven French Bulldog Training

Training is vital for a thriving, happy pup
Training is vital for a thriving, happy pup

Our residential dog training programmes ensure we can help train French Bulldogs who have behavioural issues. Whether these are over-excitement, aggressiveness, being overly possessive, or recall problems. Trainers assess behavioural patterns to identify triggers and then use positive reinforcement to develop good behaviour.Our residential Frenchie training programme is a two-phase course to help you and your dog overcome misbehaviors and is available at our MerthyrTydfil or Esher training centres. You can also leave your Frenchie at our daycare – .

Compact and muscular with those unmistakable bat-like ears, cheeky French Bulldogs are endearing companions, but their distinct character can sometimes lead to challenging behaviours. Therefore, training in a puppy phase is paramount for this tiny breed, as Frenchies tend to form habits quickly, both good and not-so-good. Although, this doesn’t mean that we can’t help adjust the behaviour of adult French Bulldog, if they have exhibit problems.

Over-excitement, separation anxiety, and leash-pulling are just a few challenges Frenchie owners might face. Through our dedicated residential training programs, we pinpoint the root causes, be it attention-seeking yelps or the anxiety-driven need to chew. Our counterconditioning techniques can also help tackle separation blues, turning your absence into eagerly awaited treat time.

But it’s not just about curbing unwanted behaviours; it’s about tapping into Frenchie’s innate desire to please, connect, and trust. Our breed-specific techniques boost their confidence, enhance their recall abilities, and foster a profound bond of trust with humans and fellow canines. Walkies turn into delightful strolls with your furry friend looking to you for guidance and reassurance.

At the heart of our training ethos is the understanding that every Frenchie is unique. But with patience, expertise, and love, every French Bulldog can shine in its individual brilliance, with a gaze ever-fixed on you, their beloved human companion.

Excellent Dog Accommodation

During our residential French Bulldog training, your dog stays in our Luxurious ‘Dog Hotel’ facilities. These provide the perfect environment for your pet to relax and socialise with other dogs during downtime. In addition, you can be sure your furry friend gets the care, attention, and training needed to enjoy their stay.

To give you peace of mind that your French Bulldog is cared for, our staff provides on-site care 24 hours a day. And they are fully trained in canine first aid. Therefore, they can quickly address any unforeseen health issues and contact a local vet if necessary.

As part of the top-class service Royvon provides, you receive daily updates on your pet’s training progress and achievements.

Our facilities are secure and monitored by CCTV and automatic number plate recognition for extra peace of mind. This ensures that only registered guests with secure IDs can enter the training facilities.

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Train Your French Bulldog with Royvon Training Experts


At Royvon, we specialise in providing high-quality dog training services to French Bulldog owners looking for more than just basic obedience classes. Our experienced and qualified experts are passionate about helping you and your pet pooch develop a strong relationship. By teaching the skills they need to become well-behaved family members, they can become happier pets.

We also realise that training doesn’t only involve our four-legged friends. So, we also work with owners to help reinforce the positive behaviour techniques your pet has learned.

If you’renot ready for ourresidential programme, we can work togetherin other ways to improve your dog’s socialisation skills, leash walking, recall, the basics of good behaviour and other non-residential training programmes. We can also provide the best tips for encouraging good behaviour in your French Bulldog.

Whatever your pet’s issues or training goals, get in touch with Royvon to discuss the available options for your loveable Frenchie.