Do you want a relaxed Cockapoo? In order to have a Calm and relaxed cockapoo it is important to include physical exercise and mental stimulation into their daily routines. Mental stimulation can include obedience, trick training, activity puzzles and Kong’s for example.

Agility. Agility is an activity that uses mental and physical energy and is great for owner and dog bonding. Cockapoo’s thrive off spending time with their owners and being active so this may be a sport to look into.

An Energetic Breed. Cockapoo’s can be energetic when around people and other dogs. It may be useful to teach a ‘settle’ command so that your dog can be rewarded for calm behaviour when in busy environments.

Before Buying…If buying a cockapoo look at the breeding parents as working spaniels and poodles will produce a more lively and energetic cockapoo. So it may be useful to compare the different lines of the breeds in order to find a compatible matched Cockapoo with your lifestyle.

Motivation. Most Cockapoo’s are toy and food motivated which makes it ideal to use both as rewards in training. Using different treats and ‘life rewards’ such as playing tug will keep your training interesting fun and engaging for your dog.

A Vocal Breed They can be quite vocal when excited and playing with other dogs so this may be something to think about especially if you have your Cockapoo since a puppy. If this is unwanted behaviour for your lifestyle it is important not to reinforce this barking in any way.

Proper introductions. It’s important to teach appropriate greetings with people as when puppy’s they can typically get very excited and jump up which quickly becomes learnt behaviour for adult dogs. Only reward and give attention when they have four paws on the ground as this will encourage them to stay on the floor even when at a young age.

Make sure you frequently groom. Their coat needs to be groomed frequently so this is important to keep in mind if you want a low maintenance dog. It’s also important to regularly brush them as their coats can quickly become matted especially in areas such as behind the ears.

Love for other Dogs. Cockapoo’s typically love interacting with other dogs so it’s important to build up a good recall. A good recall will allow you to give your Cockapoo the freedom knowing that you can let them socialize with other dogs but call them back when needed. When training recall use high value treats or rewards in order to make your dog see that it is worth coming back to you.

An Intuitive Breed. Cockapoo’s are very intuitive to our emotions and can be seen as quite sensitive dogs so a positive and relaxed approach to training is crucial. Being confident and relaxed as an owner will provide them with a sense of confidence and security.

All you need to know about Cockapoo Training – The Video