Cockapoos are a lovable breed with plenty of energy to go around. As a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, Cockapoos can vary in size and character traits. Usually, you’ll find Cockapoos to be intelligent and outgoing. But sometimes, your Cockapoo might channel this energy and passion incorrectly. Training a Cockapoo dog will give you a loyal and loving family member.

Efficient Cockapoo Dog Training Programme

Here at Royvon, we specialise in supporting owners with their Cockapoo dog training. Your dog might show signs of misbehaviour, fear, aggression or disobedience. We’ve trained many Cockapoos and believe you can fix unwanted behaviour with the right strategy. We offer a two-phase residential dog training to help you with your needs.

Cockapoo training

During phase 1 of residential dog training, we train your Cockapoo on-site for three weeks. The phase will engage your dog in our specially designed training curriculum, employing the latest behaviour modification strategies and training methods. Your dog will have different scheduled daily activities to keep them active and happy. Our dog trainers will know precisely the behaviours you want to deal with, as each training session is personalised around your dog. We also want your dog to feel love and respect because we believe this type of positive behaviour will help them reach their training goals. The residential program is excellent even when you require boarding facilities and want to strengthen positive behaviours.

After phase 1 ends and you collect your dog, we will move into phase 2 which we call Owner training. The phase turns the attention to the relationship between you and your Cockapoo. The aim is to ensure your furry friend’s attention is on you, the owner, using the knowledge we have learned from working with and motivating your dog, along with our expertise. Owner training starts on the day of collection with a training session together with your dog trainer and includes five hours of training to give you the best, more personalized support.

You will receive support and tips on helping you develop your unique training skills, gain more leadership around dogs, and reach your desired training goals. We hope to prepare you for a fulfilling life with your precious Cockapoo.

Sidney the Cockapoo

Force-Free Cockapoo Dog Training Methods

Training a Cockapoo dog can seem daunting and stressful. But our specially designed program will take the stress out for you and your dog. We have over 60 years of experience as dog trainers, and our training concepts have been developed to get the best out of your Cockapoo. The knowledge and skills we’ve gained come from over three generations, supported by the latest scientific research in dog training. We believe that a well-trained dog is a happy dog – and a happy dog makes you a happy owner!

Our slogan, ‘The Way You Treat Your Dog,’ shows our ethos to training. We believe in positive reinforcement and condemn force and fear-based training. We treat your Cockapoo with love and respect, motivating the dog with treats, toys and praise. Your dog will engage in various daily activities and games during our residential training, and these activities will stimulate your fluffy friend physically and mentally.

The training will gradually increase in difficulty as your dog develops. We increase the distractions the Cockapoo must deal with, to help it get familiar with different environments and commands. We have received countless positive reviews from satisfied dog owners, so our approach has been tested thoroughly.

What to Expect from your Cockapoo Dog After Training

Our residential dog training classes will help you tame even the naughtiest Cockapoos. Your dog will become obedient and responsive to your commands. The training will ensure your Cockapoo is non-aggressive and reacts positively to your wishes, no matter the environment.

Dogs that have been through our training can walk without lead, and you will gain confidence in experiencing new situations with your dog. Your Cockapoo will also show newfound confidence and stop displaying insecurities or fear in different surroundings. Our training program works on desensitisation, meaning Cockapoos will display more trust towards humans. You can have a happy and fulfilled dog focusing on you and your commands. Introducing them to new people and surroundings won’t feel scary any longer.

Cockapoo puppy training

A Luxurious Stay at Our 5-STAR Dog Hotel

Phase 1 of our residential Cockapoo training has your dog staying in our Luxurious Dog Hotel. Outside of training time, your Cockapoo can relax and socialise with other dogs, if appropriate. The award-winning accommodation is a calm environment, allowing your furry friend to decompress after a successful day of training.

The sites are fully licensed, and our team is experienced in dealing with various dogs. The team is available on-site 24 hours a day, so your Cockapoo will be looked after day and night. Our staff is fully trained in dog first aid, so any health issues that might arise will be dealt with fast and efficiently. There is also a local vet to turn to if needed.

We understand how stressful it can be for you to have your beloved friend away from home. Our care team will keep you in the loop by sending daily updates, and your trainer will send you weekly training progress updates so that you are part of their development, in preparation for owner training.

Cockapoo Dog Training with Experts from Royvon

We believe in the power of positive input, practical training and consistency. These tools can help your Cockapoo enjoy more activities and live a happier life with you and your family. After training with our dog trainers, you will become more confident in your skills and can build a better and more trusting relationship with your fluffy friend.

Our residential training is an excellent option for many Cockapoos. If you don’t know if your dog is ready for a residential training scheme, we also offer one-to-one sessions with our dog trainers. These can help teach basic training techniques and get your Cockapoo started on its obedience journey.

Cockapoo dog training courses at Royvon suit all needs and budgets. You can find more details on our website, give us a call or send us a message. A member of our team will listen to your enquiries and help devise a tailored solution to your Cockapoo training needs!