Food Rewards In Puppy Training: The Essentials

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I wanted to write an article to help new owners maximise rewards in puppy training. As we all know, rewarding our dogs for good behaviour is a great thing to do. It should always be encouraged. Where I think lots of new puppy owners get confused about is what rewards to use, why to

Puppy Training Tips

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The most critical time in a puppy’s life is between 4 – 16 weeks. It is during this time the most rapid learning occurs and when puppy training is most important – in addition, any experience that takes place within this short window of time will have the greatest impact on future social behaviour.

Choosing a Puppy From the Litter

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Adding a new furry member to your family is always going to be a fun and exciting time. Puppies are a big bundle of joy and a long term commitment, so it’s important you find a dog that is suitable to you and your family. You must take the time to research dog breeds to

Luna the Cane Corso Puppy

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Meet the beautiful Luna- a Cane Corso puppy who joined us due to her aggression towards people and other dogs. Luna's trainer Rhona worked with her to build up her confidence as her aggression was due to fear and her feeling insecure. Luna spent 3 weeks on our Behaviour Modification Programme and although her owners are

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