Many people wonder if it is worth using puppy pads. They have a lot of good sides, but also bad sides. Today we will discuss all these sides to help you decide whether you want to use puppy pads or not with your family’s new addition

We will start with the pros:

  • Puppy pads are highly absorbent. They consist of many layers of superabsorbent materials, making them waterproof.
  • Puppy pads protect your floor. You can put them where your pooch does its toilet, which not only protects your floor from damage due to urine but also makes it easier for the puppy to learn where its toilet. Dogs tend to do toilet in the same places where their smell is.
  • Puppy pads contain an odour eliminator that helps trap the smell of urine
  • They’re very easy to clean, simply throw them in the trash. When your puppy learns where to do its business, your cleaning will be even easier!
  • Thanks to puppy pads, you will teach your puppy where to do its toilet. Because dogs do their business where they’ve done it before, that is where their smells are, the puppy will quickly understand that this place is its toilet.
  • They are convenient when the puppy cannot go outside regularly and to control the puppy’s toilet. The dog will not suffer because of the need, and you will not be nervous that the dog made a mess at home. Puppies don’t have much control over their bladder yet, so if they have a need then they have to go. So if you are not at home or in the middle of the night, you can be calm that your floor is protected. You have nothing more to clean but lift the pad and throw it in the trash.
  • Puppy pads are available in many sizes and types
  • Puppy pads are a great tool to teach your puppy how to do its business in the garden. Simply by placing an already used pad on the grass, your puppy can follow its scent and learn that there is its new toilet!

Now let’s go to the cons of puppy pads:

  • Puppies, unfortunately, may like to play with it. This will cause a bigger mess and certainly bigger cost, because you will need to buy more pads
  • A puppy can confuse other mats, such as a carpet or doormat with a pad, and do its business where it shouldn’t, which will add to cleaning.
  • They may become such a great convenience that puppy pads can make the owners lazy so the dog will go outside less.
  • They can slow down the housebreaking process. It can become difficult and confusing for a puppy to teach it that it is expected to do its business outside. Once the dog has set its preferential toilet place, it can be extremely difficult to break this habit and additional training will be a must.

So, there are many different pros and cons. Only you can decide if they’re right for you and your dog! But for many, they can be a big success. If you’re looking for tailored advice for your individual circumstances, Royvon are here to help. We offer 1-2-1 sessions (online over Covid-19) to help you on your training journey. Please book one today to make the most of your puppy training!

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