In this day and age life flies by at a thousand miles an hour. Work, school runs, business meetings, walking the dog.  Every day, boring routines that have to be done.

We all need a break, an adventure, a holiday at least once each year. That’s what we look forward to as humans. A period of time at least once a year to get away from it all. To have fun, do exciting things, eat and drink more than we should or just chill, watch the world go by and relax.

Individual personality and finances of course, dictate what kind of holiday we choose for ourselves.  There are countless options available so we choose what appeals to us most .

So that’s what we do when we choose our human holiday, but what about the dog?

What shall we do with him when we go away?

Just like with humans there are many different holiday options available. Your dog cant choose where he wants to go and what he wants to do so you have the all-important job of creating his holiday for him. A holiday that should be just as much fun, just as much of an adventure, just as exciting as your holiday. A holiday where he can chill and watch the world go by if he wants to just like you. A place where he will be safe, well cared for and a place where he will feel loved and come home from feeling rejuvenated and happy. Just like you when you return home from your holiday.

So how do you get started with planning this holiday for your dog and what options are there to choose from?

Just like when you booked your holiday you need to research and find a place that appeals to you. There are many options available, but the main two are pet sitters and boarding establishments.

There are pro’s and cons with both, and by researching thoroughly you will  get a feeling for both and instinctively know what is right for your dog.

Pet sitters tend to be individuals who loom after dogs to generate extra income.  There are some very good pet sitters around, who are licenced and inspected by the local authority.  They usually have a room  or an area in their home converted to a “dog room” with beds and crates for the dogs to sleep.  Depending on the service offered the dogs will either have a daily walk or a run in the garden.  Pet sitters who just take one dog at a time may allow your dog to live as part of their family. Pet sitters can be a good choice.

You would need to check them out, talk to them and ensure that they have the knowledge to notice if something is wrong with a dog in their care. You know your dog so you would notice if he was under the weather, but a person looking after your dog would also need to have been trained to notice a problem. Also check that their home is secure. Dogs often tend to try to find their owners, especially if they are bored so an open door or an unsecure garden could prove disastrous.

The other option would be to book your dog into a boarding establishment. These places also come in all shapes and sizes so you would need to visit, view the facilities, meet the team and maybe check out reviews so you get a feel for the place.

If you choose a high end boarding establishment like Royvon then your dog really will have a holiday to remember, and do you know what the best part will be? You will be able to check in on him each day if you want to, as we will invite you to become a member of our Facebook group where we post daily pictures of our guests having fun. You could also choose a room with a web cam for him so you could see him via the live video stream whenever you wanted to.

But these are things for you and may enrich your holiday even further but there are other things you need to consider before you make a decision. If we could sum Royvon up in three words they would be:

Knowledgeable:  We have been doing this for over 50 years.   We are primarily a dog training school where gusts stay for 21 day training holidays. We provide a guarantee for our standards of training and the standard of care is also paramount so that the dogs always feel tip top for their training sessions.  We only accept a certain type of team member at Royvon.  You have to be first and foremost an animal lover to work here.  You have to have a natural instinct to put our guests first, and provide the most comfortable and loving care possible   We know that dogs feel more at home with familiar things around them, even a familiar scent will help them feel safe. That is why we allow our guests to bring their own belongings and toys if they wish, even if it’s just an old fleece of t shirt which will carry the scent of home. All of the Dog Welfare team are trained to the highest standards so they have the knowledge to identify if a dog is feeling under the weather, a little bit anxious or sad and to act in the right way to alleviate the issue.


We don’t believe that dogs should be couch potatoes. Royvon days are filled with running, jumping, chasing, exploring, sniffing, cuddling, chewing, digging, chilling and snoozing. We have fantastic,  secure outside  and indoor areas to facilitate these activities.  All the ingredients needed to create the perfect recipe for a fun packed memorable holiday.


We don’t want any of our guests to be lonely so we offer a range of activity packages to suit everyone. If you want your dog to make new friends and he is a social and like other dogs then he will certainly do that at Royvon.  You can choose how much play time he should have in the playground with other friendly dogs, or choose pack walks, ball chasing sessions or just a game of zoomies in the field.  Not all dogs are social and at Royvon we offer them the same activities only they will have fun with their human rather than another dog.

If your dog’s braining needs topping up then what better time is there to do it? You can add training sessions to enrich your dog’s boarding experience if you wish.  And to top up your handling skills you will receive owner training on departure.

Our advice before entrusting your dog ‘s care to any one is the following:

Choose the boarding method that feels right. You deserve to enjoy your holiday without worrying or feeling guilty about leaving the dog behind and he needs to have a great holiday experience too.

Visit, ask lots of questions, ask about a trial stay.  The right place for you will be totally transparent, will spend time to develop a relationship with you, gain your trust and you gain theirs.