Whether you have a young Labrador puppy or an elderly collie, training is a vital part of every dog’s life, to enrich their lives and yours. Mental and physical exercise will prevent anxiety developing and other stress-related behaviors such as destructive chewing, inappropriate barking, reactivity, and aggression.

What to expect from your 1-2-1 training session?
The trainer your dog has been allocated to will meet with you and discuss what concerns you have and how the training will work, you’ll be working alongside the trainer throughout the session so you can see exactly what will be happening and your trainer will discuss with you what you need to do at home to carry on the training.

What can you help me?
Anything from muzzle training to loose lead walking, obedience in puppies and confidence building for rescues. Even if your elderly dog has developed a new unwanted behaviour we can help.

Do I have to commit to a set amount of sessions?
Absolutely not, you can come for 1 session or a 100, as often or as little as you’d like, obviously the more sessions you attend the better the results will be but the choice is yours!

What shall I bring with me?
High value treats such as chicken or cheese – anything that will get your dog motivated.
The majority of the sessions will take place outdoors, as we find working around distractions hugely beneficial for training, so please bring with you suitable clothing and footwear.

Will you try and sell me one of your residential packages?
Absolutely not, we’re here to help you and your dog and nothing else.