Dachshunds are wonderful small dogs with a loud and energetic presence. Initially bred for hunting animals in their burrows, Dachshunds can be playful and independent. These little dogs have very bright and courageous personalities, sometimes leading to overflowing activity and barking. Dachshund dog training can guarantee your bundle of joy will put its energy into positive actions, and your furry friend will become a loving and loyal family member.

Efficient Dachshund Dog Training Programme

At Royvon, we’ve worked with dogs of all breeds for over 60 years. We have trained many Dachshunds and believe the best way to counter unwanted behaviour is through strategic training, focusing on positive reinforcement of the desired behaviours. Our residential Dachshund training programme is a two-phase course to help you and your dog overcome misbehaviour and aggression.


Phase 1 of our residential training program will have your Dachshund stay with us at our on-site dog hotel. The phase lasts three weeks, during which we’ll engage your dog in a rigorous training curriculum. The course is designed with the latest positive training methods and behaviour modification strategies in mind and we only ever use force-free methods. Your dog will have training sessions each day, working towards your specific goals. They will train with a specialist trainer who can tailor each session to support your particular needs and desires. During their stay you will receive an update once a week from your trainer on your dog’s progress and you will start to see the training methods that are working most effectively with their personality.

Phase 2 is called ‘Owner Training’ with the support to help your own dog training development. During this phase, you will be taught how to continue the great progress your dog has made when you leave. Five hours of owner training are included, starting on the day of collection. We will teach you the best training skills and give you the confidence to be around and lead your dog. You will become better at reacting the right way around your dog and create a better relationship with your Dachshund.

Arnold the Miniature Dachshund

Force-Free Dachshund Training Methods

Our years in business have helped us develop a unique obedience and behavioural management concept. We have trained many Dachshunds, with our methods combining three generations of family knowledge and the latest scientific research. Our slogan, ‘The Way You Treat Your Dog,’ highlights our approach to training dogs. We believe that a well-behaving dog makes both the owner and the dog happier as a result.

Our experience shows that positive reinforcement is the best way to achieve training results. We condemn any force-based training and don’t think fear is effective in getting your dogs to behave. You can rest assured that we will treat your best friend with respect and care. Our training programme will unlock the best of your dog’s behaviour by using treats, toys and praise. When training a Dachshund dog, our objective is to get your dog to trust you. Our methods will reinforce the idea that good behaviour will result in a positive reaction.

Our training scheme engages your dog mentally and physically through different daily activities and games. These training activities will gradually introduce new distractions to test your dog’s patience and focus. Your puppy will get a chance to take commands in different types of scenarios.

What to Expect from your Dachshund Dog After Training

Our residential dog training programme will return a healthy, happy, obedient Dachshund. Your puppy will respond to your commands and maintain a non-aggressive stance in different environments. The training programme will help your Dachshund to carry out orders and stay focused on you, even when there are distractions.

You can expect your fluffy friend to react to your commands in any situation. You can walk them off the lead, knowing that they will return when commanded to do so. Your dog will gain confidence, meaning you can introduce them to new people without worrying about how they react to strangers. We aim to provide your dog with the confidence it deserves to overcome fear and insecurities. Your Dachshund will build trust faster with humans, becoming less fearful or stressed.


A Luxurious Stay at Our 5-STAR Dog Hotel

Dachshund dog training at our residential premises will keep your dog busy during the day with various activities. When training is over, your little fluffy friend can relax in our luxurious dog hotel and enjoy some peace and quiet. Your dog can decompress after training and get the love and support it needs to conquer the next day. Dachshunds also get to socialise with other dogs when appropriate.

Our award-winning facilities are fully licensed and secure. We have CCTV and ANPR in use, with only registered guests having access IDs to enter the site. Your dog will be trained and cared for by our experienced dog trainers. They are available 24 hours a day to accommodate your best friend’s needs. Any possible health issues will be dealt with by our fully trained team. They can administer first aid if anything happens to your dog. We will also have our local vet available if we notice anything out of the ordinary.

We understand that being separated from your lovely dog can be stressful, and we’ll provide you with regular updates. You will stay in the loop on WhatsApp, learning about your dog’s training progress and achievements. We will send you videos that will hopefully help put your mind at ease and showcase the fun your little friend is having with us!

Dachshund Dog Training at Royvon Training Retreat

The most important thing for us is to support you and your Dachshund. Our residential Dachshund training programme will help change their behaviour into positive and playful. You will gain confidence in understanding your dog better, leading to a more trusting relationship.

Your little friend will be cared for at our secure facilities, getting high-quality training that you can take to the next level at home with the second part. If you’re unsure whether the residential training is right for your Dachshund, you could take our 1-2-1 dog training classes with our experts. These can teach you the basics and help you start the obedience journey.

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You can talk to our trainers and develop a training plan that works for you!