Helping XL Bullies through positive, enriching dog training

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Reactivity in larger breeds It’s worth remembering that reactivity can occur with any dog, regardless of breed, but the reality is that when that dog is boisterous, strong and has been appearing in the news a lot, the problem only becomes heightened. It can’t be ignored that a small breed dog that is

Boxer Dog Training

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Boxers are great family pets. They are often referred to as the clown of dogs because of their joyful personality and clumsy behaviour, which can usually be pretty entertaining. A Boxer is a loyal companion and an excellent guard dog, alerting the owners immediately of anyone who dares to approach the property. They enjoy

How to train a Rottweiler Including Rottweiler Puppy Training

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Rottweilers sometimes get a bad reputation, but many owners love them for their distinct look, strength and protective nature. Owning a Rottweiler can be highly rewarding. However, your Rottweiler dog training needs to commence early, as Rottweiler puppies will begin to display their natural abilities from a very young age. These are abilities that we

Border Collie Training Including Border Collie Puppy Training

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The Border Collie is a working breed that belongs to the Kennel Club Pastoral Group. This sensitive, athletic and highly intelligent herding breed is also employed in search and rescue operations, scent detection work, and a variety of other canine jobs. Border Collies achieve the highest awards in a range of a canine sports,


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Do you want a relaxed Cockapoo? In order to have a Calm and relaxed cockapoo it is important to include physical exercise and mental stimulation into their daily routines. Mental stimulation can include obedience, trick training, activity puzzles and Kong’s for example. Agility. Agility is an activity that uses mental and physical energy and is