Raw feeding, done right, can be absolutely fantastic for your dog’s health. Done wrong, however, can be detrimental to both yours and your dog’s health.


DO feed a balanced diet. Feeding your dog raw meat does not equal a good diet. There are a few ways of doing this but the easiest is a ratio of 80/10/10. 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ meats (including 5% liver). Following this ratio means your dog will be getting the right nutrients. If you don’t, you won’t see immediate effects but later in life they could have reduced organ function and even brittle bones!


DO be careful feeding whole prey or bones. Always supervise your dog with any bones as choking can happen in the blink of an eye.


DO keep prep areas clean. Zoflora is a good antibacterial cleaner that is also pet safe.


DO check the quality of the meat you are buying. Make sure it is just meat/bone and doesn’t contain any herbs, veggies or additives.


DO occasionally add tasty additions such as raw fish, eggs or mashed and cooked veggies, but never more than 25% of their overall diet should be these ‘extras’.


DO start slow. Add one new protein a week, starting with bland meats such as chicken or turkey and slowly add in red meats and more interesting things.


DO find a good supplier. Most good suppliers deliver nationwide (we use Raw Pet Supplies) and offer free, good advice.


DO NOT feed an unbalanced diet. Just feeding meat does not mean your dog is getting the right nutrients.


DO NOT feed cooked bones. EVER.


DO NOT rush the switching process. Start with simple, bland meats such as chicken and turkey.


DO NOT feed a raw diet just because its a ‘trendy’ thing to do. Feeding raw is a commitment and it is better to feed a good quality kibble rather than a badly done raw diet


DO NOT feed an immunocompromised dog raw. Consult your vet about what food may be suitable for him instead.  


DO NOT guess the amounts needed. Get some good kitchen scales and prep a week of food in advance (this saves weighing out every day!)