Jumping up is a natural greeting behaviour for dogs. Yet it is one of the most common behavioural issue that causes dog owners concern.


Jumping up can be a difficult behaviour to overcome as it does take strict and consistent handling with the dog.

The easiest way to over-come jumping is to ignore the behaviour completely and reward the dog when all four paws are on the ground.  Even telling the dog “No” or “Off” is giving the dog the attention that he desired from the jumping behaviour. If people give the dog any attention the dog will keep trying to practice the behaviour

When meeting and greeting new people it is easier if the dog is on the lead so that they do not get to practice jumping.


In the home teach the dog a place or bed behaviour so that they are encouraged to stay calm whilst visitors come in.

Try to encourage people to talk to your dog in calm tones as if people are enthusiastic it will encourage the dog to jump especially the more energetic breeds.

Reward lots for calm behaviour so this behaviour is more likely to be repeated by the dog in as many different situations as possible.

Repetition is important with dog training so practice keeping all four feet on the floor as much as possible.

Do not get frustrated when trying to combat this behaviour as it is an instinctive behaviour for the dog to be displaying.

  • Jumping up is an instinctive behaviour
  • Reward when four feet are on the ground
  • Encourage people to talk in calm tones when greeting your dog


When rewarding you can throw the treats on the floor so encourages the dog to stay low.

You can always turn your back slightly to discourage the behaviour or take a step back so the behaviour is not fulfilled.

Meet your dog calmly do not always give attention as soon as you see your dog as this will make them excited which may encourage jumping up.

The most important aspect is to be consistent, everyone has to be doing the same otherwise it will confuse the dog and he will always try to keep jumping.

  • Turn you back and ignore until your dog stops jumping
  • To overcome jumping up you need to be strict and persistent
  • Always meet and greet new people on a lead