Coping with Fear & Anxiety in Dogs: Avoiding Fear Aggression

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What is Dog Anxiety? All dogs experience anxiety at some point, just like all humans (unless you are a psychopath) become anxious at one point or another. This is a natural, even healthy emotion - as long as it is kept in check at normal levels.  If anxiety isn’t treated and allowed to grow,

Fearful Dogs- How Can We Help Them?

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Dogs are sensitive, emotional creatures. But they often perceive the world differently than we do. Fox poop and sniffing each others genitals may be delightful, while a full bin bag in front of the neighbours house post may be suspicious and the friendly postman outright dangerous. Some dogs find it hard to cope with

Hyperactive Dog

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Boisterous behaviour can be one of the hardest problems to manage. Managing boisterous behaviour is one of the most common and likewise often one of the hardest problems out there to correct. A boisterous dog, whether with other dogs or people can end up being restricted to lead only walks, end up being heavily

Jumping up

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Jumping up is a natural greeting behaviour for dogs. Yet it is one of the most common behavioural issue that causes dog owners concern. JUMPING UP Jumping up can be a difficult behaviour to overcome as it does take strict and consistent handling with the dog. The easiest way to over-come jumping is to ignore


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Maybe you had a perfect puppy who used to follow you everywhere and suddenly somewhere between 4 and 15 months he decided that there are more interesting things than running back to you. Maybe you have a rescue dog but you don't trust her off the leash.  Perhaps you have a Beagle or a


2022-07-08T08:04:52+01:00January 31st, 2018|Dog Behaviour Challenges| Dogs bark. Some bark more, some bark less. Barking, just like whining or growling are normal means of communication for dogs. There are many different types of barks, depending on what the dog is communicating in a given situation. The difference is in the pitch of the bark wishing the vocal range of


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Learn about Dog Anxiety. The possible reasons for your dog's anxiety and what you can do to help your dog's confidence grow. Living with an anxious dog Living with and supporting a fearful dog can be the most challenging, heart-breaking and rewarding Living with and supporting a fearful dog can be the most


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Does your dog bark or growl at other dogs or people? Or maybe he lunges on the lead at the offending dog or person, with a fully blown threatening display? WHY IS MY DOG AGGRESSIVE To strangers and other dogs There may be several reasons for this behaviour. A very common cause is