On a rainy day or the one that you are too lazy to go out with your dog, there are different dogs indoor activities to make them busy and entertained at home.

It is a total myth that we need to walk our dogs three times a day. We believe our dogs are smart, bright and hugely underestimated! Walking them around the block three times a day on a lead does them an incredible disservice, and can actually damage your relationship with them and even contribute to an increase in aggressive behaviours and stress levels. That is why dogs indoor activities can be fun for the whole family as much as for your dog.

  1. ‘Find It!’

When it comes to using our dogs’ noses, ‘find it!’ game is so much fun for them and for us. First, hide treats around the house and teach your pup to find them. Secondly, let your dog see where you hide the treats for the first few times, then release him and say ‘Find it!’. And finally, once he understands the game you can hide them where he can’t see and let him go to work. Encourage him to search and praise every time he succeeds.

Dogs Indoor Activities

Find it!

  1. Play Interactive Puzzle Games

There are plenty of puzzles that you can buy online for your dog. Our favourites are anything made by Nina Ottoson for the dogs’ indoor activities. If they are a bit out of your price bracket you can make your own. Collect cardboard boxes and hide treats in them, wrap them back up and let your dog go to town.

  1. Play ‘Hide and Seek’

This is the classic ‘hide and seek’ game that we all used to play when we were kids. If your dog has a good ‘stay’ or you have a friend/partner who can hang onto him, put your dog in one room and go hide anywhere in the house. After that, release your dog by calling their name and reward plenty when they find you. Above all, this is a great game of all dogs indoor activities to improve recall!

  1. Teach A New Trick

One of our trainers has a Staffie who knows 136 different tricks! That’s a lot of rainy days! Tricks are a great way of bonding with your dog, and also they improve your training skills. Start simple with a ‘Spin’ or ‘Walk Back’ and build up from there.

Dogs Indoor Activities

Lazy day

  1. Play ‘Which Hand’

One of our favourite dogs’ indoor activities is playing ‘which hand’. It can help you build the relationship and contribute to their mental health as well. Put treats in one hand and then hold two closed fists out to your dog. He will sniff them both and when he gets the right one, say ‘yes!’ and give him the hidden treats.

  1. Grooming

Rainy days are a great day to catch up on your grooming regime. Some dogs require little grooming but maybe that big brush you’ve been putting off or a nail trim are in order. Brushing your dog can take hours and both of you will enjoy it and find it very relaxing.

  1. Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

Can your dog walk under a chair? Can they jump up onto the stool? Use household furniture and objects to make your own makeshift agility course!

Dogs Indoor Activities

Nail clipping

  1. Cuddle Up And Watch A Movie

Some days are just not for outdoor or dogs indoor activities at all. There is nothing wrong with simply having a lazy day. Therefore, movie night during the day is the perfect relaxation while cuddling up with your dog. We recommend the ‘Secret Life of Pets’ and ‘Hotel For Dogs’!

  1. Revisit Old Tricks

If your dog already knows some tricks, revisit them! Try to figure out if he can do the same tricks just on a verbal cue or are you still luring with your hands? Polish them up and see if you can make the behaviours just verbal with no hand cues!

  1. Play!

Use your hands, use toys, use anything and be goofy! One of the funniest games to play is to roll around on the floor with your dog and tickle him when he walks past. Throw the rulebook out of the window and be SILLY!