This young excitable French Bulldog is always busy scanning around with eyes peeled and ears perked up, always on the alert. He is anxious and hyper-vigilant and when anything unfamiliar comes into view, especially a dog, he would instantly freeze and within seconds a frenzied, out-of-control barking and lunging would follow. His behaviour is sometimes a result of anxiety or fear, sometimes frustration and over-excitement and usually both. This is very stressful and upsetting for Bandit and also for his loving family.

His pet-parents enrolled him in Royvon’s Behaviour Modification Programme to work on his aggressive (and by aggressive we really mean “reactive”) and over-excited behaviour towards other dogs. With the help of trainer Aleksandra Borawska in Royvon Merthyr, Bandit is learning that other dogs are nothing to stress about as well as working on his self control and confidence.

With his training, Bandit is now on his way to good behaviour. If your dog shows similar behaviours to Bandit’s, get the help you need from our experts. With our professional trainers, Royvon Dog Hotels and Training has helped thousands of dogs and pet-parents in the United Kingdom since 1959.