Is your life one long to do list?

From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, you’re constantly chasing your tail. Indeed, spending your life sorting things out for other people is one of the reasons you got a dog. The idea of unwinding whilst dog walking, of fresh air and exercise seemed a good idea…but the reality is somewhat different

There was this picture in your head of crisp Sunday autumn afternoons, walking through the woods with a dog chasing the falling leaves. And with an eye to your waistline, walking outdoors, a dog dashing on ahead seems like a great way to stay fit and get escape, even for just half an hour, from the busy bustle of life.

That old saying “never enough hours in the day” may be a cliché, but it could be your motto.

Unfortunately that dream has turned into a nightmare. It transpires that dogs don’t stick to timetables. There’s this thing called conditional deafness, where he sees another dog and goes dashing off, completely ignoring your frantic commands to “Come, COME, C-O-M-E.”  What should be a 20 minute leg stretch turns into an hour-long battle of wills, as through gritted teeth you entice the dog closer.

The answer is simple: training. But this is precious time you’re hard pressed to find. One solution is not to let the dog off leash, but a voice nags at the back of your head that this isn’t a long term solution.  So what are your option

Instructor Led Training:

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to sort out a problem. With the help of expert advice, consistency when applying the rules, and time to train most dogs will improve. Here are Royvon we are happy to offer expert training via workshops on various behaviour topics, with instructors who understand the behavioural quirks of individual breeds and the problems they pose.

Key to success is getting inside the mind of a dog and motivating him to want to behave.

But to succeed the dog needs regular input, such as two, twenty minutes sessions each day at home….and time is the bit most busy people struggle with. If you feel instructor lead training is the way ahead for you, then we suggest you give it a good go for two to three months.

If at the end of this time the results aren’t what you hoped, then a great option is residential training.

This is where we welcome your dog as a guest at Royvon’s premiere boarding facilities in order to give them the concentrated attention necessary to establish good habits. If the idea of having your fur-family member away from home makes you uneasy, having had contact with us and see how your dog loves the methods we use, should considerably ease your mind.

Royvon have been taking the load from pet parents for over 50 years. Their dog training experts have the skill and knowledge to educate your dog in good manners and to a high standard of obedience. Not only that but they’ll show you how to maintain the training program at home in a fun way that fits into the daily walk.

What’s not to like about letting us take the strain, training your dog in a fun way he enjoys, to return home a reformed character?

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