For some owners trying to calm a hyper dog can seem like a lifetime of work. Often the main issue is purely a lack of understanding between the owner and the dog..

“The owner wants a pet and the dog wants to work”

Its is a fact.. Highly driven dogs get bored and when this happens they go looking for work. Some breeds are more inclined to the working trait than others. Those dogs that were physically bred to expert energy through work are less likely to be “naturally calm’ but that doesn’t mean that calmness cannot be learned.  

 Usually the breeds that need to learn to be calm are the breeds that are fun, but to get to enjoy the fun parts then you have to accept the challenges and work on them.

Overstimulation is not uncommon in these breeds. We are not talking about dogs that get excited and highly aroused in normal situations such as when their owners return home form work or when they hear fireworks etc. We are talking about dogs that continually jump up,  bark a lot, like to play roughly, pull on the lead etc.

These dogs need management to stay calm. If you have a dog like this then you may be interested in our Stay Calm, Slow Down Workshop.


If you would you like to help your dog relax a little more in the house and when outside and enjoy walking and sniffing rather than frantic darting and rushing around this may be the course for you.

In this series of three one hour  sessions we will talk about the reasons why our dogs get over-aroused and stressed and we will practice lead techniques, getting out of the car calmly and basic calming exercises and activities that you can practice in your home, out on  walks and in your garden to help you and your dog enjoy more peaceful time outdoors.

These sessions don’t deal directly with dog aggression or reactivity, but reactive dogs and their carers are welcome to attend.