This video demonstrates our complete training package (CTP) for residential dog training at Royvon.

Simba went to Royvon Dog Training Schools for a complete German shepherd residential dog training package. Here, he learned command practices on the field. Some examples are shown in the video, like walking to heel on and off the lead, staying in sit/down position, recalling, working with distractions, and meeting other people and dogs.

Our CTP residential dog training is suitable for owners who require a training solution that guarantees a certain level of dog obedience, as demonstrated upon course completion. This is ideal for German Shepherds since they are known to be active and highly intellectual. This training is best for Simba to keep him busy learning and playing. For those who have puppies, early obedience training is best to get them used to the basic canine manners towards humans and fellow dogs. German Shepherds like Simba are also great watchdogs. They are highly trainable to do certain jobs, such as guiding people with illnesses and sniffing out hidden humans/items.

This is why our German shepherd residential dog training is an ideal option for owners looking for a dog training school in the UK. We have fully qualified trainers from the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. Our 55 years of experience and expertise is proven in our outstanding records of success stories from clients all across the UK.

Also, there is no need to worry about harsh methods used in dog training. Here at Royvon Dog Training schools, we only implement positive reinforcements to train the dogs. We treat each dog with the same love they are used to at home. If your dog also needs residential training, we have different options for you. The one in the video is our CTP package but we also offer boarding with training and behaviour modification courses.