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Well Trained, Well Behaved, Well Mannered

Our dog trainers and training instructors have the skills, knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be. There’s more than one way to teach any behaviour, but the best way is not only effective but also fun. Relaxed atmosphere, interactive games and rewards make for better learning! All our team, from trainee to head trainers, continuously develop by attending training with IMDT as well as seminars, conferences and workshops with world experts on modern methods and behaviour science.

Our mission is to support as many dog owners as possible, so they can enjoy their happier, more relaxed and fulfilled family dogs.

Shaping Behaviour – Developing Manners

Imagine being able to take your dog everywhere. Do things together, have adventures. Visit places, meet people politely, walk nicely on a lead, enjoy a free run in a park and then come back when called. Imagine having your dog settled down beside you in a pub, park or at the vets. With everyone around impressed by your beautifully behaved dog.

This could be you and your dog. Yes, it will require commitment. And yes, it will take time and patience. But training your dog is a fascinating and exciting journey. You will learn to understand and appreciate your best friend in a new way. You will learn to motivate them, capture their attention and enjoy being silly together. You will become a team.

Living With Anxieties

It’s heart-breaking to see your best friend stressed, worried and unable to cope in normal day-to-day situations. You wish your dog could enjoy life more!

Our training is designed and adapted to fit your specific situation, your dog’s needs and your own goals. We will help teach both you and your dog, then coach and support you every step of the way. Working with fear and anxiety is a delicate art and requires understanding and experience. It can’t be rushed. It can’t be forced. Shortcuts and experimenting can cause more damage than good.

We know how to play to your dog’s strengths and we progress at their pace. This ensures maximum effectiveness while keeping it fun.


Routes to Achieve Your Goals

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