Toby is a huge animal lover but especially dogs (who doesn’t love dogs?!). Ever since he can remember he has had a love and passion for the care and welfare of animals. From firstly owning rabbits and hamsters to then owning a cat and now his best friend Monty, his dog, where his true love for his 4 legged friends really kicked in. 

This love for his friend led him going to College to study Animal Management and then eventually ending up arriving and working at Royvon, where he has been for two years now. 

“What I love about working here is that you get to meet all types of characters and personalities that you didn’t know dogs could have. Helping customers know that their dogs are having the best care and being looked after to the fullest is a wonderful feeling. While working here I have witnessed many dogs’ behaviours change for the better thanks to our wonderful trainers, which can only make you happy. Care, well-being and happiness of all the dogs here is always the forefront of my days working.”

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