Ioana has grown up around animals, most of them dogs. Her first dog was a cute little Dachshund. Her kind heart has helped her to bond easily with dogs and care for them throughout her life.

At Royvon, caring for such a diverse range of dog breeds provides an interesting challenge for her!

In the past, she did dog-sitting for friends to build up her experience working with dogs of all kinds.

She is responsible and trustworthy and very easy to work with. Her priority is always dogs and their activities! Having her own two years old German Shepherd called Rupert, Ioana understands our guests’ needs.

In the last year she was happy to manage our excellent care team at Royvon to ensure the highest standards are adopted and our guests’ care and wellbeing are forefront in our daily activities. Her hard-working nature is shown everywhere but first of all in the dogs’ wellbeing, who are all happy!

Ioana’s continuous learning got her in the General Manager position here at Royvon, where she will ensure our guests benefit from the higher level of care and our customers will get the best service.

“Royvon provided me with all of the support I needed to complete my courses and took the time and patience to train me to be the best that I can be. The fantastic facilities and equipment allow me to expand on my knowledge every day and help enrich the lives of the dogs in my care. A great place to work-you are immediately made to feel part of a family, just like we make our dogs feel.”

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