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At Royvon, we understand the challenges that come with finding the best care and training for your beloved dogs. Finding the best team is one of the best ways to ease that fear. And we’re really proud of the team we have! Meet one of them, our Dog Care team member Ioana, here!

Ioana has grown up around animals, most of them dogs. Her first dog was a cute little Dachshund. Her kind heart has helped her to bond easily with dogs and care for them throughout her life.

At Royvon, caring for such a diverse range of dog breeds provides an interesting challenge for her!

In the past, she did dog-sitting for friends to build up her experience working with dogs of all kinds.

She is responsible and trustworthy and very easy to work with. Her priority is always dogs and their activities, and she is the best at cleaning and feeding them!

Now she is happy to work at Royvon where she can gain new skills and develop her existing ones. Her hard-working nature is shown everywhere but first of all in the dogs’ wellbeing, who are all happy in her care!


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