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We know that there are lots of dog owners out there who struggle to train their puppies on their own. But, they simply don’t have the time to take them to puppy classes as often as they’d like! Does this sound like you? You’re not alone! That’s why we’ve decided to introduce Royvon’s Virtual Puppy Training Programme! If you want personal, direct access to a trained professional who can help you get the results you need at a time and platform to suit you, this service would be ideal. Plus, as it’s completely virtual, location doesn’t matter! So, if you’re struggling to find the right fit when it comes to puppy training near you, this would also be a great option!

There’s so much conflicting advice out there when it comes to puppy training. It can be hard to know who to listen to, not to mention time-consuming to research! But, of course you want the best for your puppy. You just don’t have time to waste on methods and trainers that don’t work. If you want individually tailored puppy training that REALLY works, without the travel, research, or unnecessary theory, online virtual training would suit your busy lifestyle perfectly! We’re on hand when you need us. And, we’re dedicated to you learning what you need to know about your dog without the drivel.



Our Managing Director Darren started his career at Royvon 35 years ago. Back then, he provided a highly personalised service to dog owners throughout the UK, before deciding to focus his time on business development instead of his dog training career. However, he recently realised that he misses it! And, the advanced technology we all have in our pockets these days means he can provide that personalised service again with a virtual puppy training programme!

Darren knows what it’s like to be busy! So, he wants to help like-minded others in the same situation get the best out of their puppies and minimise their stress. Want to fast-track your learning? He’s happy to do that, by avoiding unnecessary theory and cutting straight to what you need to know during your puppy’s first 100 days with you. If you’re willing to work hard for the time that’s needed, these sessions are for you. Darren will work with you to get your puppy happy and well trained as quickly as possible, on your own schedule, so you can enjoy long and happy lives with them!

Throughout the process, Darren will be your accountability coach. He’s at the end of the phone day or night to answer any questions. He knows the pitfalls that can happen during puppy training, so he can help you avoid these, no matter what personality your puppy has! His vast experience in dog training has equipped him with the knowledge to deal with any problems that may occur. So, even though this training is virtual, you’re in the safe hands of an experienced professional!

Please bear in mind that Darren works with each client on a 1-2-1 basis. So, there is no social aspect involved with virtual puppy training. Does your puppy loves other dogs or needs extra socialisation? We recommend they meet other dogs outside of their training where possible!


First up, you simply provide us with yours and your puppy’s information. This is so the next stage, the audition, is useful for you! On this call, you get to experience the training first hand and decide if it’s right for you. Next, we will work with you to devise a monthly training programme that exactly suits your needs. The training is primarily delivered over WhatsApp by sharing messages, alongside further phone calls and videos. Darren will request videos of the behaviours you have discussed together. We will then provide our own video clips of suggested exercises and ways of working with your dog to resolve the challenges!

We are here to provide you with unlimited support. All that we ask is that you’re proactive with training throughout your puppy’s first 100 days with you. This is when efficient habits and routines will be implanted that will last a lifetime! Darren would love to hear from you to discuss your personal circumstances and get your training started today


Virtual training is the ideal option during the Covid-19 crisis. During this time, all we are asking for in terms of payment is a donation to the NHS through a link we will provide for you.

Everyone at Royvon wants to help you and your puppy avoid training failure and feeling like a bad pet parent. There is no better feeling than having a well-behaved pup that you have worked hard to train! And, we are here to support you to get to that point. No matter what issues your puppy may have, we work with them and you. Let us help you with our innovative solution to puppy training problem, so you can be proud of your puppy and become the best pet parent you can be!

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