Sponsor a Rescue Dog!


What We Do at Royvon

Every day at Royvon, we see the challenges that families can face with their dogs! As a result, our business is focussed on helping people to live in harmony with their precious pets. 

We estimate that every single year, we help to rehabilitate 300 difficult dogs that may have otherwise ended up in rescue without our help. This is our ‘why we do what we do.’ We know that dogs are rarely too problematic to have the potential to live in harmony at home. Through effective rehabilitation, challenges can be managed to an acceptable level or even entirely resolved! 

In our 60-plus years in business, we’ve seen this happen thousands of times. So, we know that even the most problematic dogs have a chance at a happy home. We help so many customers a year, it only feels right to help the less fortunate, too, which is why we have come up with this scheme. 


How Can You Help & Sponsor a Rescue Dog?

As with any business, reviews really help us at Royvon! They help our continuous improvement efforts and aid new customers in making the right decision for them and their pets. We also feel that, between our three locations, we have the skills and facilities to help rehabilitate and find forever homes for several rescue dogs each year! That’s why we’ve introduced our Write A Review, Sponsor A Rescue Dog Campaign!

If you leave us a review of the services you’ve experienced with Royvon, we will contribute £50 towards a rehabilitation programme for a rescue dog with NO COST to you. These programmes cost £1500 to run, so every review will make a huge difference! It doesn’t matter if the review is entirely positive, or you have some feedback to give us. The more reviews we get, the more rescue dogs we can help rehabilitate!

To sponsor a rescue dog with Royvon, all you need to do is log in to your Google account, search Royvon Esher or Merthyr Tydfil, and click “Write A Review”. If you don’t have a Google account, then please go to your emails and search “Feefo Royvon Feedback” and share your recent experience with us there.


What Will the Sponsor a Rescue Dog  Campaign Involve?

Royvon will work with national rescue societies, who will suggest dogs who have challenges that we can assist with! This could include nervous or anxious dogs, reactive dogs, and other problems. Then, we will take the dogs onto our Behaviour Modification Programme. This is designed to help dogs with severe anxiety and often aggression. 

After the programme is complete, we will work with the rescue organisation to find the dog a forever home. We will work with the new owners for the first three months with their new pup, to help ensure that this really is their forever home, and work on any further issues that may arise!

We’d love to share the rescue dogs and their journey on our social media channels, from choosing the dogs that we help, rehabilitating them on our programme, working with their new owners and monitoring the success! We’ll also send you dedicated emails so you can follow their journey and see how they’re getting on thanks to your donations.

As you can see, just a few minutes of your time will really do some good and help transform a rescue dog’s life! It’s a win-win situation for everyone. We’ll be able to see what we’re doing well and where we can improve, potential customers can make an informed decision on our services, and you may well be helping to save a pup’s life by sponsoring part of the fee for their rehabilitation!

Please, don’t put it off for another time. If you’re in a rush, even just a few words will be appreciated. You really can make a difference- for free- right now. Why not have that feel-good feeling today by helping a rescue dog feel completely different about life, so that they can live in harmony with their forever home?

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