Pioneers In Residential Dog Training


40 Years Perfecting Our Program

Royvon was the pioneer of Residential Dog Training in the UK and over the last 40 years has helped thousands of challenging dogs and their owners, with many repeat customers returning with second and third dogs over the years. This long established family business was founded by the James family in 1959.

Second Generation Family Business

Today the company is headed by Darren James who took the helm in 1994 after the passing of his mother Yvonne. Darren was just 24 at the time but had spent all his life up to that point working in the business so was well prepared to steer the company forward.

Darren’s wife Hannah became co-owner in 2004 and has contributed enormously to the success of the company. Darren and Hannah moved from the head office in Merthyr Tydfil to Esher in 2006, and they remain there currently raising their family.


Modern Training Methods

The residential courses we offer today are as highly successful as they have been historically but the training methods we use have changed massively. Today we only use positive force-free training. We insist that our trainers keep up to date with the most modern training methodology and science-based training methods and as a company, we have built up a close working relationship with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) . The results achieved during residential programs has been constantly improving and we continue searching for new ways to perfect the service we offer.

Living In Harmony With Your Dog

Our aim is to help owners and dogs to fit into society, allow dogs to become a part of the family and be able to accompany their families on days out etc rather than being left at home due to being too much hassle to take. We have come to realise that the residential training of the dog alone is never enough. It is essential that the humans in the dog’s life commit to helping their dog succeed and understand that owner training is a vital part of our training package. It is just as important as the residential element of the training but something that may not have even occurred to you as the dog owner. Training yourself and your dog is an ongoing process and it is all too easy to fall into bad habits again if this is neglected.


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