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From time to time, everyone needs someone to look after their precious dog! Whether it’s a holiday, family visit, or work, finding the right pet sitter for you can be daunting. How do you know who to trust? Will your dog be looked after properly? Will they let you down before or during your time away? You want to find a solution that keeps everyone happy. But, you can feel helpless and not know where to turn, leaving you with the feeling that perhaps you just shouldn’t go away at all! That’s where Royvon’s pet sitting with Pals4Pets comes in.

Do you want your dog to be looked after by someone insured, trusted, vetted, and actually in their own home or yours? All of our pet sitters go through a rigorous process before we take them on board. Plus, you can guarantee that they all absolutely LOVE caring for dogs just like yours. So, you can feel assured that your pet is in safe, confident hands! Dog sitting doesn’t need to be a problem with Pals4Pets. You know that your dog is having a great time, meaning the whole family can be happy with your choice!

About Our Dog Sitting

Royvon wants to be able to accommodate the needs of all of our customers and their dogs! We know that our boarding option isn’t right for every family or situation. So, in 2018 we purchased PALS4Pets, a pet sitting agency with nearly 50 sitters. We had a strong alignment with PALS4Pets as they have similar values when it comes to animal care. They’ve also, like us, been around for a long time- their founder Monica set up the company nearly 30 years ago!

Our pet sitting agency is different because we match our customers with the best sitters for them. We have a team of professionals to assist you, so there’s no fear of being let down. If your sitter becomes ill before or during your dog’s stay, we can do whatever is needed to make sure your dog is still looked after to the best standard. We often receive calls from pet parents whose sitter has let them down last minute and they’re now desperate. Unfortunately, this is a well known but distressing problem in the industry. We work together to make sure it doesn’t happen to you! Our sitters NEVER let you down because they’ve got a better offer.

Before you agree to anything, we arrange a meet and greet between you and the sitter, to make sure your dog likes them and everyone gets along! This is usually the case, but if not, we have many other sitters to choose from. Our whole dog sitting team is here for you. Our main aim is to give you peace of mind and make sure you have an amazing holiday, without worrying about any member of the family. We’re fully transparent with you, and your sitter can even give you regular updates on how your dog is doing throughout their stay.

Why Choose Royvon & Pals4Pets

At Royvon, we’ve been a family business for over 60 years, so we have a whole lot of experience when it comes to caring for dogs! PALS4Pets match our values and have also been in the business for a significant amount of time. They are also often recommended by vets in the London and Surrey area. So, you know that we have the experience and heritage to offer you and your pet a great stay with us.

Our experience allows us to make the best match for you and your dog. We have a whole host of sitters who all enjoy caring for different breeds and personalities. So, we always try to match you up with a sitter who loves caring for your type of dog best. We guarantee that all of our sitters absolutely LOVE caring for dogs. All of our sitters’ number one aim is making sure your dogs are happy and safe. They choose to work with our agency because of the support we provide, making sure that every sitter, dog, and family gets the support and services they need.

We’re here to provide the best standard of care and training for your four-legged friends enabling them to have a second home they deserve. Lots of the PALS4Pets sitters have been sitters for many years, so they have plenty of experience and great reviews. Plus, have a cat too? PALS4Pets also caters for cat sitting!

What Happens During the Pet Sitting Process

With Royvon and PALS4Pets, you don’t need to worry about contacting any pet sitters directly. Once we’ve learnt about you, your dog, and your needs, we will contact our sitters on your behalf that we think will be the right fit for your situation! We then arrange a meet and greet between you and the sitter to ensure it’s a good fit.

Next, we will confirm arrangements formally between you and the sitter. You can be assured that we will uphold the agreement, as it’s between you and the company and not the individual sitter. Your sitter will be more than happy to communicate with you as much as needed during your dog’s stay! Plus, we support the sitter in any way they need to ensure the best care for your dog!

Complete our short form with your information and we will contact you with options for the next time you travel. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your circumstances over the phone to decide whether PALS4Pets is the right choice for you!

We want you to find the most amazing sitter that your dog loves and who you can use time and time again, with the support of Royvon and PALS4Pets!

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