Personal Dog Training Plan


What Is The Personal Dog Training Plan?

Our personal dog training plan is exactly what it says “on the tin”.

It is a custom-made training service tailored to the needs of our customer and their dog.

If you are motivated and want to work with your dog “hands on” but need clear instructions, a training plan , coaching and support, this programme is for you.


This 2 Month CourseConsists Of The Following Elements:

A two hour consultation with your Trainer to discuss challenges and what you wish to achieve during the training.

During this session we will gather the information necessary to decide on the best way forward, introduce your dog to our facility and trainer in a gentle, positive way and show you some basic exercises to get you started. Following the consultation we will supply you with a written personalised training plan.

This will initially be a general guide on what skills need to be developed, what behaviour modification strategy will be employed, how we can modify the dogs environment and lifestyle to address any potential contributing factors, to set you and your dog up for success and to reduce the probability of the unwanted behaviour being practised during the training. You will receive a progress sheet to help you stay on track.

Puppy Training

What Else Is Included?

One lesson each week (45 mins) with your Trainer at Royvon working on the challenges identified in the consultation, and outlined in your training plan. Your trainer will provide step by step instruction and coaching on relevant exercises, so you know exactly who to practise at home. Each session will progress on what you have learnt previously.

Access to a Facebook support group where you can ask questions, post training updates on your progress etc. This is a secure private group and a friendly, supportive and non-judgemental community, moderated by our team of trainers. You will be able to post videos of your sessions at home to get feedback, you can seek additional advice and access a growing library of “how to” videos and articles. You can celebrate every little success or vent frustration on a bad day. You can take part in regular mini challenges and win exclusive prizes.

A dog training goody bag that contains training tools (Whistle, Clicker, Treat Bag) which will be provided at the start of the plan.

A discount on residential training Services at Royvon which will be available for one year following completion of the plan.

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