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Dog Training While Residential

One of the main advantages of residential dog training is that it provides your dog with consistency and routine in an environment that can be controlled. What this does is ensure that your dog’s training constantly moves forward as we remove all negative stimuli that cause your dog to lose focus at the start and then reintroduce the distractions in a controlled way as your dog’s training progresses. As we use positive reward based training our aim is that your dog learns to think for himself and realise what is required to get the reward.

Owner Training

The second and most important part of residential dog training is the transition of the dog from the residential training environment back into the real world. In order for this to be successful, the owner of the dog will need comprehensive training and a clear understanding of how they fit into making the second part of their dog’s journey a success. Our residential packages encompass a 2 hour hand over lesson before your dog departs plus a promise of ongoing dog and handler training and support for as long as you feel it is required.

Residential Training

Supporting You & Your Dog’s Needs

We promise to support you and your dog’s training until you are satisfied with the level of training achieved and your dog behaves in a manner that satisfies your requirements. Depending on the programme will depend on the promise we are able to make to you (see below)

Complete Training Programme – Terms & Conditions

Dogs like children have minds of their own and cannot be reprogrammed like a computer. The efforts of owners in the weeks following the residential training are paramount to its success. As in the initial part of the residential training, the transgression back into the real world has to be done in a controlled and sensible way to ensure that the dog’s training doesn’t go backwards. Our programme includes a standard 3 month support package but in addition to this we promise to continue to support you for as long as you need us as long as you attend 3 or more of our scheduled follow up sessions each month.


Behaviour Modification Programme – Terms & Conditions

When it comes to behaviour training the transition back into the real world and the way that the owner handles this process is paramount to its success. We promise that your trainer will provide you will the knowledge and handler training you need before you take your dog home. We also promise you that a trainer will be available to offer support and additional training as part of the 3-month aftercare package which is included. We additionally promise to support you if required, after the 3 months have passed. If ongoing support is needed then we will allow you to continue to attending scheduled follow up training sessions for as long as you want to (subject to a small monthly fee).

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