Residential Dog Training – Esher

We know that owning a dog can be hard work! But, we all want our dogs to be happy and healthy. Above all, we love them like they’re a member of the family.

Residential Dog Training – Esher

We know that owning a dog can be hard work! But, we all want our dogs to be happy and healthy. Above all, we love them like they’re a member of the family.

Residential Dog Training Esher: Progressive Dog Training Methods

We know that owning a dog can be hard work! But, we all want our dogs to be happy and healthy. Above all, we love them like they’re a member of the family. However, sometimes it feels like things just aren’t working out. Your dog misbehaves, you can’t control them, and living with them becomes harder and harder. You feel bad, but your dog is embarrassing! You want to be proud of them and be able to take them out safely.

However, you struggle to train your dog yourself. Perhaps you lack the time, the skills, or your dog is too challenging. You see other owners training their dogs with ease and wish that was you. Does this sound familiar? It’s nothing to be ashamed of! Royvon offers our residential dog training Esher to combat these exact problems. We want every family to live in harmony with their dog, no matter the issues they may have. Our trainers completely understand your issues, and use their professional knowledge and experience to shape your dog into a pet you can be proud of!

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How We Train Dogs On A Residential Programme

Residential Dog Training Esher: Our Programmes

The residential dog training programmes we offer in Esher are designed to give your dog a structured plan and deliver results. Our aim is to help dog owners have fun with their dogs and help them unlock their pups’ potential to be wonderful family pets, by implementing surprisingly small changes that make a big difference!

We have a stepped approach to help us determine the suitability of your dog and what programme we should use. This starts with a 1-hour assessment and then a completely complimentary overnight stay. Both of these steps help us come up with the goals that your dog should work towards during their stay with us.

Next up is their residential dog training stay! This is usually a three-week stay. So, if you’re going on holiday, it’s a perfect time! We work with them intensively to deliver the results you both need to live happy lives. Each dog is individual and we recognise this, working with every one in a unique way to get the best results.

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Owner Training

After this, it’s owner handover. We show you what your dog has achieved during their stay with us, and you can take home a remarkably well-behaved dog, like you’ve never seen them before! We also offer owner training beyond your dog’s stay with us. On collection, you can experience an owner training session, and then you can take advantage of 3 group training sessions each week for up to 3 months. As long as the owner is engaged with the training, we provide unlimited support until your goals are achieved.

By working with us, your dog will have a happier life- and make your life happy as a result! Without our intensive programmes, these results just might not be possible, which is why we recommend residential dog training Esher so highly.

Our Success

Our residential dog training Esher is also designed to be successful for you and your dog! We want you to be able to take your dogs anywhere with you. Also, we want to improve or repair your relationship with your dog, which we understand can become strained when they’re misbehaving! Perhaps most importantly, we aim to deliver transformation. After your dog’s residential stay and the support we offer, you will be proud of them. You’ll also feel accomplished, with the knowledge you’ve done the best thing possible for your pet. Plus, you’ll become a far more confident dog handler and hopefully feel like you have the skills to help others!

At Royvon, we pride ourselves on transforming even the most anxious and misbehaving pooches. You might feel like there’s no hope, but anxiety and reactivity are best dealt with by a professional in this area. You don’t have to do it alone! We have the experience and knowledge to deal with all behavioural problems. So, you really don’t need to be embarrassed! Whatever issues you and your dog are having, we would love to help.

Meet Our Lovely Trainees

Our Residential Dog Training Esher Team 

We have an amazing team that delivers our residential dog training at Esher! Meet some of them here:


Romeo is the trainer that everybody loves! He’s our most experienced trainer who has worked at Royvon for 4 years. Romeo is a dog lover first and foremost with a deep passion for dog training. It’s more than a job. He describes his key skills as patience, persistence, and diplomacy and is always open-minded to new training techniques! We’ve got so many glowing reviews from owners about Romeo, which you can check out on our social media pages. Meet Romeo on our YouTube channel here.


Thanasis started his dog training journey when he was 26, attending a two-year-long dog training seminar and then working at a local dog club in Greece. From there he got into competitive dog sports (especially IPO), and started doing a lot of work as a decoy in protection and guard dog training. He’s attended a wide range of courses and seminars focusing on high-level obedience, bite work, and tracking training. Recently, he moved to London to join us at Royvon and focus on his passion for training dogs. He loves working with dogs to find their inner drive, then clearly marking their good behaviour with a clicker which motivates them to want to do more good work!

Our awesome animal carers

Our whole care team are highly experienced and hugely passionate about their roles! We pride ourselves on having a diverse team of all ages that all work together to pull out all the stops and care for each guest to the highest standard. For all of us at Royvon, care doesn’t just mean looking after your dog’s physical needs. It also means mental care! This takes the form of plenty of opportunities and time for cuddles, engagement and one on one time for each guest. So, with residential dog training Esher, you can be assured your pet is in the best possible hands!