Residential Dog Training 

Owning a dog is always fun, but it can be hard work! We want our dogs to be happy and healthy. They’re a member of the family, after all.

Residential Dog Training 

Owning a dog is always fun, but it can be hard work! We want our dogs to be happy and healthy. They’re a member of the family, after all.

Progressive Dog Training Methods

Owning a dog is always fun, but it can be hard work! We want our dogs to be happy and healthy. They’re a member of the family, after all. However, things can get a bit stressful when your dog keeps on misbehaving! If you’re finding living with your dog is becoming increasingly hard, don’t worry. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, even if your dog is embarrassing! There are ways you can be proud of them and take them wherever you go again.

It can be a struggle to train your dog yourself. You may lack the time and skills, or your dog may just be too challenging! When you see others train their dogs with ease, you wish you could do the same. But, there’s no need to panic! Royvon offers residential dog training in Merthyr Tydfil to combat all of these problems! We can help you live in harmony with your pup again, no matter what issues you are struggling with. Our trainers are here to understand your issues, get to the bottom of them, and use their knowledge and experience to help you turn your dog into one to be proud of!

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How We Train Dogs On A Residential Programme

Our Merthyr Residential Dog Training Programmes

The residential dog training programmes we offer in Merthyr are designed to give your dog a structured plan which always delivers results! Our aim is to help dog owners have fun with their dogs and help them unlock their true potential to be amazing family pets, by using surprisingly small changes that make a real difference!

We have a stepped approach to help us come up with the right plan for your dog. This starts with a 1-hour assessment and then a completely complimentary overnight stay. Next up is their residential dog training stay, which is usually three weeks long- perfect if you’re going on holiday! We work with each dog intensively to deliver the results you both need to live fulfilled and happy lives. We recognise that every dog is different, and so work with each one in a unique way.

At owner handover, we’ll show you the progress your precious pet has made- prepare to be amazed! Afterwards, we can work with you, delivering 3 group training sessions every week for up to three months. Owner training and knowing how to work with your dog is important too, so we offer unlimited support for owners who are engaged with the training.

By working with us, your dog will have a better life- and make your life happier too! Without our intensive programmes, these results may be a lot harder to attain, which is why we recommend residential dog training so highly.

Our Successes

Our residential dog training in Merthyr is designed to be successful for you and your dog! We want you to be able to take your dog anywhere you go, without worrying about how they may behave. Also, we want to improve or repair your relationship with your dog, which we understand can become strained when they’re misbehaving! Perhaps most importantly, we aim to deliver a real transformation. After your dog’s residential stay and the support we offer, you will be proud of them, feel accomplished, and become a far more confident dog handler!

At Royvon, we pride ourselves on transforming even the most anxious and misbehaving pets. You might feel like there’s no hope, but anxiety and reactivity are best dealt with by a professional who really knows how to get to the bottom of it. Royvon is here to show you that you don’t have to do it alone! We have the experience and knowledge to deal with all behavioural problems. Whatever issues you and your dog are having, we would love to help you achieve your goals.

Meet Our Lovely Trainees

Our Residential Dog Training Team 

We have an amazing team that delivers our residential dog training at Esher! Meet some of them here:


Anna is a wonderful dog trainer here at Royvon Merthyr! She’ll work with your dog during their training stay, helping to transform them into the pet of your dreams. She loves all types of dogs, and working with each one to get the best results for them.

Our amazing animal carers

Our whole care team is passionate about dogs! Our team is highly experienced and diverse, caring for each dog to the highest possible standard. They’ll take the time to make sure each guest gets plenty of cuddles, engagement, and play time while they’re with us. At Royvon Merthyr, you can be assured your pet is in the best possible hands.

Puppy Training

Our Residential Dog Training Facility

We’re really proud of our amazing facility here at Royvon Merthyr. It’s the original Royvon site, where the business was founded back in 1959, so we’ve got a long history! At this site, there’s a choice of accommodation to suit all needs and budgets, from our standard rooms to our executive suites with a few more home comforts!

On our five-acre site, there’s plenty for dogs to see and do! There’s a range of play and training areas for lots of different activities. Don’t worry, we make sure each and every dog gets plenty of mental and physical exercise, with a range of toys and equipment for our trainers to use. Safety is also a top priority. The site is covered by full CCTV and is very secure, to make sure everyone keeps safe during their time with us.

We would absolutely love to have your dog for residential dog training in Merthyr Tydfil. No matter what sort of training they need, we can guarantee that we’ve dealt with a dog like them before! We’re committed to providing the results that your family needs. So, if you’d like to start your journey to a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog and an easier life, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

The Royvon Story

It’s not uncommon for sons to follow in their father’s footsteps. Here’s the story of a family who has established a great reputation as experts in the dog training and boarding world!

From 1954 Will John taught his son Roy all there was to know about German Shepherds. In the early days, it was a hobby, but after Roy met his wife-to-be Yvonne, they decided to turn their hobby into a business. In 1959 Royvon was born! They both shared the love and admiration of the German Shepherd breed, judging