Specialist German Shepherd Dog Training at Royvon

Royvon are the experts in training German Shepherd Dogs. Established in 1959 as a GSD breeder and boarding home, this very special breed has been central to the growth of the Royvon family business. Any owner of one will tell you what a huge role they play, whether it’s as part of the family or as a working dog. While their ability to love is large, their capacity for learning is even bigger! And it’s this active, intelligent brain that makes them an absolute pleasure to work with in dog training. On the flip side, without enough training, we know that German Shepherd Dogs can become a real challenge.

Our German Shepherd Dog training is specific to the breed and takes into account everything we know about them and all of the experience we have. The ultimate aim of all of our training is to enable you and your dog to live a happy life together, with a strong trust bond and the confidence to go everywhere together.


It is not an exaggeration to say that Royvon Dog Training and Hotels was founded and built on a love and understanding of German Shepherd Dogs. The original company was set up by Roy and Yvonne James to breed and provide boarding for German Shepherd Dogs in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. They built a strong reputation for breeding with excellent heritage and temperaments. Their son Darren grew up around this special breed and even received his own GSD puppy, Merry, when he was ten. The two of them were best friends and Darren went on to develop his own dog training to skills with Merry, leading them to win top honours in show ring and obedience competitions.

The Royvon business was passed down the family to Darren who now owns and runs it with his wife Hannah. The business works with dogs of all breeds now but Darren has never lost his strong affinity with German Shepherd Dogs and they continue to be a breed specialism at the Royvon sites in Merthyr Tydfil and Esher, Surrey.


Royvon Dog Training & Hotels offers a range of services including the signature Residential Dog training, training courses and a range of boarding options. All of these services are catered for both dogs that are reactive and those that don’t display reactivity but are in need of training. Royvon only uses force-free methods with extensive scientific research showing that these methods are as effective, or more so, than those that encourage domination or shock prompts for your dog.

German Shepherd Dogs are inclined to take on the responsibility of protecting their home environment and owners. This can be exactly what owners want them to do but unfortunately it comes with side effects. It is common that these beautiful dogs can build a fear or strangers and new environments which can display itself as anxiety or aggression through fear. Royvon uses a mix of counterconditioning and desensitisation techniques, based on the individual needs of each dog. These help dogs to build confidence and feel comfortable in situations that currently unnerve them. We take advantage of their desire to carry out jobs and redirect their attention into fun tasks that encourage more enjoyment and take priority in the mind of your German Shepherd Dog.


Training is not a one-off process and the continued learning and development of your dog becomes all about teamwork at home. You will need to commit to taking the training forward, reinforcing the right things and being the person that your dog trusts for guidance. For this reason, our focus in dog training isn’t just on the dog but on owner training too. We will help you along the way so that you know exactly what to do and you receive the full benefit of an expert trainer that has worked with countless German Shepherd Dogs.


Our Feefo reviews are a brilliant testimonial to the work that we do at Royvon. Many are from German Shepherd Dog owners, this is one of our favourites but please click here to view more feedback direct and unfiltered from owners.

Some of the most common German Shepherd behaviour problems are:

  • Jumping
  • Destructiveness
  • OCD
  • Hyperactivity
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excess barking and whining
  • Mouthiness
  • Dominance
  • and defensive aggression

“The first time me and my GSD met Romeo was when I dropped her off at the beginning of her 21 days behaviour modification residential training. Royvon looked nice and secure and private. Romeo was calm, confident and very reassuring so I was very happy to leave my anxious and nervous GSD with them. At the end of her first day I received photos, videos and some written information letting me know that she had settled in ok.

Every day I received photos and videos of her progress. Her lead walk improved extremely quickly and I was very envious that Romeo was able to get some good heel work with her. I was also very pleased and reassured that she seemed less anxious and nervous in her photos and videos.

Upon collecting her after 21 days I was absolutely thrilled that I was able to walk her nicely on the lead. We went out and about (into town, cafe, train station and field) and she did not react negatively towards another dog or person. Amazing and so very very pleased. If anything I was the one most nervous and expecting/ anticipating a reaction that never came.

Romeo had provided her with much needed reassurance and made way for some core skills/ confidence that we are now able to build on and continue developing. For the first time I was able to walk her “nicely” with minimal pulling. There was NO reaction to other dogs, people, cyclists or runners. For the first time I was able to walk her into town, although we only stayed around Sainsbury but even still a steady stream of people walked by us and there was no reaction from her. Amazing and absolutely fantastic.

Everyone I have encountered so far at Royvon have been extremely friendly, wiling to help and non-judgemental. Romeo and the team have done a brilliant start to helping my GSD being less anxious and nervous and now onwards and upwards with her confidence and development. Thank you.”

Michelle James-O’Rourke, GSD owner, booked Residential Dog Training at Royvon, Esher


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