Complete the Training Programme.


  • Three weeks dog hotel-style accommodation at the secure Royvon site.
  • Comprehensive questionnaire pre-arrival so that we can understand the personality of your dog and your objectives to assign the most suitable trainer. Including security and health checks to protect all dogs in our care.
  • On arrival: A dedicated trainer who will meet you and your dog on arrival and go to a local park or woodland with you to assess the way your dog interacts with you, them and other things, as well as answer any questions you may have. Before you leave you will set agreed goals for the training after the residential stay and the second phase owner training.
  • Daily video and photo updates  on your dogs’ training and wellbeing from your trainer and enrichment team.
  • On departure: Two hours owner training on-site and local environments.
  • Weekly group training in a local park for 12 weeks (9am on Saturday or 9am on Sunday), including a variety of situations to help you learn how to guide your dog in different scenarios.
  • Accountability training diary to help you keep track of progress and help your trainer to offer bespoke advice exactly where it is needed.
  • Bi-weekly videos from your trainer, giving feedback on video clips you provide and helpful advice.
  • Security and health questionnaire in advance of your visit to help protect all dogs in our care.

This programme is the heart of what we do at Royvon; helping dogs to gain life skills and obedience to enable them to go anywhere with you and ultimately have more time with the family they love. Alongside our core obedience programme, this includes de-sensitising training, to help your dog gain confidence and feel calm in situations or environments they currently find challenging. Your dog comes to stay with us for three weeks, giving them the chance to focus on positive and enriching obedience training. Additionally, they have the chance to enjoy the secure dog hotel-style accommodation and round-the-clock care from our expert team.

Dogs that are anxious or reactive when they are unsure are all different and this programme ensures they receive the personalised care they need to progress. By spending time away from their family, your dog will create a strong bond with their trainer. This is essential for the programme success as our trainers will teach them from the beginning that rewards can be gained in abundance if they follow their lead. Your dog learns that paying attention is incredibly rewarding and fun, opening up the possibility to fully train them. More than this, your dog learns that when they are uncertain, they can trust their human and keep their focus on them. They will continue to receive rewards and the anxiety around a situation changes so they can relax and have fun.

When you come to collect your dog, the next phase begins. This involves your own training, teaching you to be the focal point of attention in every situation that they have learned to expect from their human while at Royvon. Your dedicated trainer will provide all the help you need to have the confidence to take your dog anywhere.